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Lindy24-Jul-03 04:09 PM EST 8   
Simon25-Jul-03 10:26 PM EST 6a   
Lindy25-Jul-03 11:17 PM EST 8   
Michele26-Jul-03 08:46 PM EST 5b   
Sue27-Jun-06 02:30 PM EST 5   
Shirley Matchim27-Jun-06 09:44 PM EST 2a   

Subject: Earwigs
From: Lindy
Zone: 8
Date: 24-Jul-03 04:09 PM EST

How do I get rid of these awful pests? I tried bait in rolled up newspapers (suggested on the pkg)placed around the garden but no luck. These critters eat everything!!

Subject: RE: Earwigs
From: Simon
Zone: 6a
Date: 25-Jul-03 10:26 PM EST

Check out this address on the Lee Valley Tools website,2190,33120&abspage=1&ccurrency=1&SID=

Subject: RE: Earwigs
From: Lindy
Zone: 8
Date: 25-Jul-03 11:17 PM EST

thanks, Simon....I will give their traps a try.

Subject: RE: Earwigs
From: Michele
Zone: 5b
Date: 26-Jul-03 08:46 PM EST

I have more than my fair share of these destructive bugs. Last year they literally ate the top off my 15 year old clematis. I didn't have one flower. They have eaten off the tops of almost all my dalias and the sunflowers are left with the stalk and the ribs of the leaves. I sprayed my clamatis with insecticidal soap and I have been placing small tin cans around my plants filled to about 1/4 in. with a combination of soya sauce and vegetable oil. They are attracted to the sweet scent of the sauce and then can't climb out of the can because of the oil and subsequently drown. Each morning I empty the cans and there are alot of dead bugs. I haven't noticed any new damage to these plants this week so you might give that a try.

Subject: RE: Earwigs
From: Sue
Zone: 5
Date: 27-Jun-06 02:30 PM EST

The best method I've come across is a spray bottle filled with water and some dish detergent and then a hunt for these nasty things. I do it first thing in the morning and try to get them while they're hiding. After a while you get to recognise the places they're likely to hide. I don't suggest spraying plants because it can burn them and the spray needs to come in direct contact with the insects. I like this solution - it's safe, easy and cheap.

Subject: RE: Earwigs
From: Shirley Matchim
Zone: 2a
Date: 27-Jun-06 09:44 PM EST

A Wasp trap works good ,just put about 1" of lemonade and watch them sucker drown.

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