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Facing South

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Janis15-Jul-03 02:24 PM EST 7   
Caz15-Jul-03 03:29 PM EST 7b   
Janis15-Jul-03 08:51 PM EST 2b   
Dawn16-Jul-03 11:15 AM EST 3   
Brent16-Jul-03 11:24 AM EST 4b   
JoanneS22-Jul-03 01:31 PM EST 3a   
Ed22-Jul-03 07:30 PM EST 5a   
Diana23-Jul-03 10:45 AM EST 2b   
Janis01-Aug-03 09:21 AM EST   
Sarah 04-Aug-03 08:49 AM EST 3a   
Julie K07-Aug-03 03:10 PM EST 4   

Subject: Facing South
From: Janis
Zone: 7
Date: 15-Jul-03 02:24 PM EST

We live in Wpg, facing south and I would like to plant flowering shrubs in my flower beds. I have a long one. Everything I plant dies. Can you give me names of shrubs. Thanks

Subject: RE: Facing South
From: Caz
Zone: 7b
Date: 15-Jul-03 03:29 PM EST

Looks to me like Winnipeg is Zone 2b at this site. Not Zone 7. Sorry - I could only help with zone 7. But if you have a look at what other people in your area are planting, that may help - or go to the local garden centre or Gardens to get a better idea of what you personally like.

Subject: RE: Facing South
From: Janis
Zone: 2b
Date: 15-Jul-03 08:51 PM EST

Sorry, we are a zone 2b in Wpg, not a 7 as stated before. Facing south and looking for shrubs that won't die, flowering ones. Got some from Gardens Centers and they also have died. The only thing that grows is cedars.

Subject: RE: Facing South
From: Dawn
Zone: 3
Date: 16-Jul-03 11:15 AM EST

If you have planted them properly, watered them well and they are still dying I would be inclined to have a soil test done to find out it there is any contamination.

Subject: RE: Facing South
From: Brent
Zone: 4b
Date: 16-Jul-03 11:24 AM EST

In a hot dry location, it's going to take a lot of water to keep shrubs of any kind alive till they root in. Potentillas are quite hardy, but I'm not sure they take zone 2b. In any case, after you plant a shrub, hill the soil up around the drip line to create a saucerlike depression in the soil under the shrub. Fill this 'saucer' with water. Make sure to keep this soil wet till the plant is well established. Deep and constant watering can be the key to successful planting out! If it's sunny out, it would also help to shade it to reduce the load on the roots.

Regards, Brent.

Subject: RE: Facing South
From: JoanneS (
Zone: 3a
Date: 22-Jul-03 01:31 PM EST

I am assuming these suggestions will work for 2b. They definitely work for 3a. Various types of spirea, dwarf lilacs, hansa rose or similar hardy shrub roses maybe from the explorer series, potentilla.

Heavy watering is mandatory, especially as they are trying to establish roots. We have been using these black soaker hoses made out of recycled tires. We lay them down through the flower beds and attach a hose when we want to water. Allows for a slow, steady dripping of water. Makes it easy to water a lot.

What does Ken Beattie suggest? He gardens in Winnipeg doesn't he? Come to think of it, I saw his garden on a show and he even grows rhododendrons.

Subject: RE: Facing South
From: Ed
Zone: 5a
Date: 22-Jul-03 07:30 PM EST

Great advice from Brent & Joanne; I was posted to Winnipeg during WW2 and was impressed with the variety of ornamental plants thriving in a park centrally located. Janis, watch what others in your area are doing; better still, join a local Horticultural Society where others are having the same problems as you and finding solutions from fellow-members .

Subject: RE: Facing South
From: Diana
Zone: 2b
Date: 23-Jul-03 10:45 AM EST

Hi Janis, I also live in Wpg and my backyard faces South. I have six Dart's Red Spirea shrubs planted along the back of the house and they're doing great! They are covered in dark pink flowers. I bought them 5 years ago from Penndale's Nursery in Birdshill.

Subject: RE: Facing South
From: Janis
Date: 01-Aug-03 09:21 AM EST

Thanks for all the advise. We have been on holidays and are back and I am going to purchase Spirea shrubs and a few of the others and see if they grow with the cedars. Our neighbours just plant annuals and ceders. Again thanks.

Subject: RE: Facing South
From: Sarah (
Zone: 3a
Date: 04-Aug-03 08:49 AM EST

I have been gardening for ~15 years in hot dry south-facing beds near reflecting pavement, and I know what you're talking about. I planted many flowering perennials that said they needed "full sun" only to find out they didn't mean *that* much full sun. Crispy results! However, besides shruns there are many large bushy perennials you can add to this list of stuff to try. I grow 3 or 4 kinds of artemisia (sage) with feathery silver/grey foliage, russian sage with blue flowers, lots of kinds of stonecrop & moss phlox in the very front, and lavender, blanket flowers, salvias & daylilies. All are exceptionally good in the "desert" out front, esp once gotten through the 1st season. Let me know how it goes.

Subject: RE: Facing South
From: Julie K
Zone: 4
Date: 07-Aug-03 03:10 PM EST

In addition to the last excellent suggestions, might I add coneflowers, yarrow. Not sure what the soil is like there but if alkaline, russion olive bushes grow (some are trees) and need little water and a lot of sun.

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