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Cats digging?

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Brent11-Jul-03 11:24 AM EST 4b   
22-Jul-03 01:37 PM EST   

Subject: Cats digging? Cheap solution!
From: Brent
Zone: 4b
Date: 11-Jul-03 11:24 AM EST

Tired of cats digging in your vegetable bed? I had cats digging after I put in my transplants last year. They threw my zuchini plants right out of the bed! I saw a commercial mat of spikes that imitates what I now do. I have a 'Wire' birch tree in the yard, so there is no end of twigs on the lawn. I push 8" lengths halfway into the ground in an offset pattern all around a plant, with about 8" spacing between. The stray cats can't get a 'comfortable' spot amidst all the sticks and just go elsewhere. By using twigs, the environment is safe and kids won't get hurt if they step/fall/sit on them!

Cheap gardener, Brent.

Subject: RE: Cats digging?
From: (jstraayer@specialty.ab.ca)
Date: 22-Jul-03 01:37 PM EST

Great idea. And an even easier way is to lay down chicken coop wire after you have planted your seeds. You can even cover the wire with soil. The plants are able to grow up through the holes in the wire, but the cats cannot dig because they keep encountering the wire and they don't like this.

Also a cheap solution because the chicken coop wire (or whatever they call it now) doesn't cost a lot and you can reuse it for many, many years.

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