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MYKE's expiry date

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Brenda27-Jun-03 07:50 AM EST 3a   
Donna02-Jul-03 12:34 AM EST 3a   
maureen st. albert06-Jul-03 03:06 PM EST 3   

Subject: MYKE's expiry date
From: Brenda
Zone: 3a
Date: 27-Jun-03 07:50 AM EST

I recently discovered that MYKE's growth supplement has an expiration date.

The containers I purchased last year AND this year did not have a date printed on the container (I therefore assumed there was no expiration). While at a local greenhouse this week I noticed a date printed on SOME of the MYKE containers (but not all).

I will be careful in the future to purchase containers with a printed expiration date. It makes me wonder how many MYKE’s have been sold at Garden Centres and big box stores this year that were expired. I had some MYKE left over from last year that I used this spring and now I’m wondering if it was too old to be useful.

The MYKE website states the following for storage: "MYKE® products containing the MYCORISE® or growth supplement will be viable for up to 2 years as long as they're stored away from the freezing cold and intensive heat periods (between 4 and 20 °C). A short exposure (i.e. 1 week) will not significantly affect the fungus' viability. As for our other products, simply keep in a cool dry place."

During the summer I store my MYKE’s in a garden shed but now I’m wondering if I should be keeping it in the house. Even in cold Edmonton, we do get summer days over 20 degrees!

Subject: RE: MYKE's expiry date
From: Donna
Zone: 3a
Date: 02-Jul-03 12:34 AM EST

Hi Brenda...I live in St. Albert, pretty close to Edmonton...:) and I keep mine in the garage and during the winter I bring it in and store it in the basement. They are alive so you do not want to freeze or roast them. I am using last years MYKE and the annuals are looking very good.

In fact I had to move some pansies in an urn that I originally planted them in with MYKE and the root systems on them were very big..very impressive :)

Subject: RE: MYKE's expiry date
From: maureen st. albert
Zone: 3
Date: 06-Jul-03 03:06 PM EST

Donna, I have some pansies in a planter, too and they are looking pretty crappy. is it too late to use Mykes now ? can I use my Myke for trees ?

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