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Ruth21-Jun-03 12:42 PM EST 5a   
Susan21-Jun-03 01:50 PM EST 6a   
Dave06-Jul-03 10:15 AM EST 5a   
maureen st. albert06-Jul-03 02:55 PM EST 3   
Ed06-Jul-03 09:19 PM EST 5a   

Subject: Coneflower - Gone!
From: Ruth
Zone: 5a
Date: 21-Jun-03 12:42 PM EST

Last year I planted coneflower and it grew beautifully and tall. This year it never came up! Is it too early? Also, last year in the fall I cut the flower off to about 3 inches above the soil - was I wrong to do this? any help is appreciated.

This also happened to another plant - Canterbury Bells. I cut it back as well.

Subject: RE: Coneflower - Gone!
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 21-Jun-03 01:50 PM EST

Canterbury bells are biennials so they have to be replated every year. They will sometimes reseed but the seedlings flower in the second year. The coneflowers should have come back though. I find they also seed themselves frequently so look around for seedlings....

Subject: RE: Coneflower - Gone!
From: Dave
Zone: 5a
Date: 06-Jul-03 10:15 AM EST

Hi Ruth I find that often the original plant dies after the first year, but like Susan said, they self seed all over the place if you don't dead head them too early. They can be transplanted in the spring or probably fall. They are easy to pull out if there are too many or share with friends. They are not invasive. Make great cut flowers. In the fall I just break up the seed heads and sprinkle them on the garden. By spring I have dozens of new plants. If you are near Guelph you could have some seeds from my garden in the fall or try and transplant some of my extra plants.

Subject: RE: Coneflower - Gone!
From: maureen st. albert
Zone: 3
Date: 06-Jul-03 02:55 PM EST

I lost my coneflower as well. I think it may have been root rot (or dog pee)

Subject: RE: Coneflower - Gone!
From: Ed
Zone: 5a
Date: 06-Jul-03 09:19 PM EST

Cutting back coneflowers either late fall or early spring to any height above ground level will have no effect on plant survival.So, why yours was lost remains a mystery, especially with this hardy perennial that is so easily divided and transplanted either early or late in the season.

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