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Jim Toth18-Jun-03 03:33 PM EST 2a   

Subject: natural flower garden
From: Jim Toth
Zone: 2a
Date: 18-Jun-03 03:33 PM EST

Hello friends! I am in the midst of developing a huge natural flower garden on the south side of a 1 1/2 story house. At present the area has some grass that I will remove and the remaing area has 2 American Elms on it.At present we are growing potatoes in a part of the area to keep the weeeds down. The area has been injured by construction trucks used in the complete repouring of the basement floor. In order to cut down on the grass size, as the house is located on a corner side with almost all of the lawn on the east and south side, I intend to develop the injured area into a natural flower garden for my partner. The space size is about 40 ft by30 ft but this can be confirmed by measurement. All that we have at present to retain is a large green spruce in the back corner of the lot by the house and the neighbours hedge, and a lilac bush we planted to provide a hide for a dead corner near the spruce. Ideas on plant arrangement, paths, plants spacing, anchor items (statuary, trellises, ponds etc), specimen plants etc. are all welcomed and appreciated. You may email me at Cheers, Jim

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