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Suggestion for vine to grow in shade

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kodi11-Jun-03 09:36 PM EST 5b   
Susan12-Jun-03 07:21 AM EST 6a   
Kodi15-Jun-03 11:09 AM EST 5b   
Roberta16-Jun-03 03:41 PM EST 5   
Greg16-Jun-03 05:36 PM EST 6a   

Subject: Suggestion for vine to grow in shade
From: kodi
Zone: 5b
Date: 11-Jun-03 09:36 PM EST

Can anyone recommend a vine that will grow in the shade in this zone. I'm looking for something fairly hardy. Are ther any vines that have coloured leaves, or leaves that turn reddish . Or a beautiful flowering vine would be nice, but perhaps not a good idea for shade. Thanks for any help.

Subject: RE: Suggestion for vine to grow in shade
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 12-Jun-03 07:21 AM EST

The classic shade vine is climbing hydrangea. You have to have patience though as it can take up to 5 years to bloom. It's one of those year 1 - sleeps, year 2 - creeps, year 3 - leaps plants. It is a big, woody vine when mature so needs something substantial to climb on. It climbs by rootlets. I have planted two to cover the ugly garden shed that came with the house. I just planted them last year so this year they're creeping...:) I wish I had planted them when we first bought the house so they'd be further along the way to blooming! You may be close to the limit of their hardiness (~zone 5) but I think they'd grow for you. See if a local garden center carries them. They're not seen too often but are beautiful in flower. A somewhat similar vine called Japanese Hydrangea vine (Schizophragma hydrangoides 'Moonlight' (or 'Roseum - pink flowers) has recently been introduced. It's supposed to be faster growing. I planted one this spring that is still growing pretty slowly but, with the weather we've been having, it's hard to say if that is normal or not! Both these vines have white flowers(although the schizophragma white is actually bracts around the true, inconspicuous flowers.....) I think the Schizophragma likes a little less shade than the climbing hydrangea.

'Dropmore scarlet' honeysuckle is usually listed as a vine that will grow and flower in shade.

A classic foliage shade vine is also 'Arctic Beauty' kiwi (Actinidia kolomikta). I think it's the male that is most colorful (green/pink/white leaves) when it gets a few years old. It can be hard to find sometimes.

I don't have either of the last two but I'm thinking of getting the kiwi if I can find one.

Subject: RE: Suggestion for vine to grow in shade
From: Kodi
Zone: 5b
Date: 15-Jun-03 11:09 AM EST

Susan, Thanks so much for the suggestions. I think I'm too impatient to wait for the hydrangea to bloom. So perhaps I'll try the honeysuckle. finally we are having some nice weather..

Subject: RE: Suggestion for vine to grow in shade
From: Roberta
Zone: 5
Date: 16-Jun-03 03:41 PM EST

I grow a clmbing hydrangea in NS in zone 5 and it is superb!

Subject: RE: Suggestion for vine to grow in shade
From: Greg
Zone: 6a
Date: 16-Jun-03 05:36 PM EST

There are a number of clematis that are shade tolerant. I have one that is in part shade and seems to do OK - although it would probably bloom more with a couple more hours of sun.

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