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cat and dog droppings

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Annette09-Jun-03 09:43 PM EST 6   
donna@icangarden.com09-Jun-03 11:54 PM EST 3a   
Bonnie10-Jun-03 11:22 AM EST 3   
Electric Chameleon10-Jun-03 12:32 PM EST   
Dave10-Jun-03 02:11 PM EST 4a   
Annette10-Jun-03 04:34 PM EST   

Subject: cat and dog droppings
From: Annette
Zone: 6
Date: 09-Jun-03 09:43 PM EST

I know that it is unsafe to put cat or dog droppings into your garden as fertilizer. I can't convince my brother of it though. He said he has been useing it on his lawn and it has helped. I don't know if it's true that it could help his lawn, but I know he shouldn't have it around his hands in the garden. I've been looking through gardening sites all over the web trying to find a convincing article about this to send to him. Can someone help me with the specifics on this matter?

Subject: RE: cat and dog droppings
Zone: 3a
Date: 09-Jun-03 11:54 PM EST

Here is some information on that...


and here is one that says you can, but has some specific rules...

Subject: RE: cat and dog droppings
From: Bonnie
Zone: 3
Date: 10-Jun-03 11:22 AM EST

Sorry I don't have any info on the use of pet 'fertilizer', but I have a question. In one of my flower beds, the neighbourhood cats are doing 'their thing'. The soil is quite sandy and dry in this spot and due to its particular location, I don't plant much there. However, I need to know how to stop the cats from using this spot. Would enriching the soil with compost, etc. make any difference? Any ideas?

Subject: RE: cat and dog droppings
From: Electric Chameleon
Date: 10-Jun-03 12:32 PM EST

Try placing moth balls around the area they are useing. Just make sure there are no children who will go there.

If that doesn't work sprinkle Cayene Pepper down on the soil. Cats have very sensitive noses and will stay away!

You could also mix a pepper spray and spray the soil and surrounding area, but I found the full strength worked better.

Good luck


Subject: RE: cat and dog droppings
From: Dave
Zone: 4a
Date: 10-Jun-03 02:11 PM EST

There is a herb called Rue (spelling?) that is supposed to repel cats from your garden. I planted some years ago and don't have a cat problem. All I can say is give a try.

Subject: RE: cat and dog droppings
From: Annette
Date: 10-Jun-03 04:34 PM EST

Thank you for the sites you sent me Donna, I'll go take a look. As for the cats in the garden, I tried planting garlic here and there in the garden and that worked. I liked the way the garlic grows up and curls around as an addition to the garden. Type the word 'cats' into the forum search and you'll see other information on how to keep cats out of the garden...that's how I searched when trying to find information about how safe it is to use dog and cat droppings as fertilizer.

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