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Container gardening on southwest facing patio

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Kirsten15-May-03 01:39 AM EST 6b   
bill27-May-03 01:46 AM EST 3a   
Glen28-May-03 10:12 AM EST 7   
Eugene28-May-03 12:44 PM EST 3a   
Ann-tique Rose01-Jul-07 11:01 PM EST 8a   
Ann-tique Rose01-Jul-07 11:22 PM EST 8a   

Subject: Container Gardening on Southwest Facing Patio
From: Kirsten (kirsten_moe@hotmail.com)
Zone: 6b
Date: 15-May-03 01:39 AM EST

I am very new to gardening (& only have a balcony to work with!). I would like to plant some herbs (my husband's a chef) & flowers (for colour) in containers but have no idea what would work well. Our balcony is on the southwest corner of our building in Vancouver, BC. Any informed ideas re: types of herbs, flowers, soil, fertilizer, etc. are welcome!

Subject: RE: Container gardening on southwest facing patio
From: bill
Zone: 3a
Date: 27-May-03 01:46 AM EST

Check with the Botanical Garden at UBC, in fact check it out in person! Wonderful place to see, awesome veggie/herb gardens and people who could give you some ideas.

Subject: RE: Container gardening on southwest facing patio
From: Glen
Zone: 7
Date: 28-May-03 10:12 AM EST

Kirsten-you've probably already got those containers set up by now, but just saw this thread.

Just a thought about fertilizers. I've tried to grow many things organically, but containers are sure tough. Really failed last year for me.

So the normal way to fertilize is get some of the control release granules made specially for containers/hanging baskets and sprinkle those on the soil surface. Then for added insurance you can water in some 20-20-20 at half the recommended strength once a week.

I'm still trying to figure out a more "organic" way to do this, esp. if I was growing herbs to eat in such a container. Have to incorporate some good compost and really hit it with fish and kelp fertilizers, but it's not easy in that restricted root area.

Good luck with them -Glen

Subject: RE: Container gardening on southwest facing patio
From: Eugene
Zone: 3a
Date: 28-May-03 12:44 PM EST

I suggest a very vigorous plant called Four O'Clock (Mirabilis jalapa). This plant is drought-tolerant with fragrant flowers; good enough as container plant. It is a perennial with a hardiness of USDA zone 7a. It does well here in zone 3a as annuals. Seeds can be started very easily.

Subject: RE: Container gardening on southwest facing patio
From: Ann-tique Rose
Zone: 8a
Date: 01-Jul-07 11:01 PM EST

Hi Kirsten & Everyone: I just became a member today, thus thought I would search in this topic.

My indoor as well as outdoor container gardens are well-established, although I continually am adding and Mother Nature does the editing. . .LOL.

Four of my outdoor shrubs: Skimmia's [males] are thriving in the same large Rubbermaid terra-cotta containers for a good 15 years now. I grow & nurture perennial shrubs, flowers and herbs of all types and sizes. Plus I purchase annual geraniums each year; the deer don't bother to eat those ones. I'm a passionate gardener for 40 years now. I also live in the same plant zone "8a" as you Kirsten, and reside on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, just northward of your Vancouver location.

I hope your container garden is growing well now.

Happy "Digging in the Dirt" to Everyone!

P.S. After my original post above, I noticed that Kirsten has posted her zone as 6 (a or b - OOOPS I forgot the specific zone already), however I'm wanting to add that in checking my zone area prior to posting I know that Vancouver coastal areas are the same zone as up here, as mentioned previously is 8a.

Subject: RE: Container gardening on southwest facing patio
From: Ann-tique Rose
Zone: 8a
Date: 01-Jul-07 11:22 PM EST

Just thinking to mention that a wonderful herb that is easy to grow and maintain, for planting in a southwest location, is ROSEMARY. It is evergreen, likes a sunny site, and provides wonderfully strong flavouring for various meat and fish as well as veggie dishes.

Currently I am enjoying growing 'Tuscan Blue' Rosmarinus officinalis.

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