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Lisa14-May-03 12:18 AM EST 5a   
Susan14-May-03 09:23 AM EST 6a   
Tony 15-May-03 06:23 AM EST 5b   

Subject: small yard tree HELP Ontario
From: Lisa
Zone: 5a
Date: 14-May-03 12:18 AM EST

Help Me Please! I'm looking for an attractive backyard (corner) tree - I would prefer one that offers dappled shade and does not make a mess - The problem is I am fairly limited for space and have a very territorial backyard neighbor so the branches can't cross the fence...EVER! LOL! At first I thought that the Sunburst Locust would be perfect but after furhter research it seems that it is prob too large - I have also heard horror stories about their roots attacking foundations after many years - Cumulus Serviceberry? Shubert Chokeberry? Any advice you can give me would be great - I am new to this whole gardening thing.

Thanks, Lisa

Subject: RE: small yard tree HELP
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 14-May-03 09:23 AM EST

How big is your lot? If you are dealing with a very small suburban or city lot, perhaps your best bet is to go with a shrub that can be pruned to tree form. Something like a Purple Sandcherry shrub can make a nice small tree of 8 feet tall and wide or so (there is a true tree form as well but it gets quite big...) or lilacs also make beautiful small trees when pruned to 2 or 3 main trunks - try to get a Preston type lilac which has fewer or no suckers. To avoid infringing on your neighbour, take the spread given for the tree/shrub, divide the distance in half and plant it that far from the property line - i.e. something with a mature spread of 3 meters, should be planted 1.5 meters from the property line. And don't be too hard on your neighbour - there's nothing more annoying than someone planting something inappropriate (e.g. invasive, oversized, dense shade, greedy root, messy fruit, vigorous self-seeder....etc.) that can negatively impact your garden or enjoyment of your backyard. I have a neighbour who allows European Buckthorn trees to colonize his backyard along the property line. They are on Ontario's Noxious Weeds list and are prolific self-seeders into my garden, not to mention they grow rapidly and block all sun. He likes them for the 'privacy' they provide although there are enough other trees and shrubs in both our yards to provide all the privacy either of us might require. So it is wise to be a good neighbour and be careful about what you plant near property lines....:)

Subject: RE: small yard tree HELP
From: Tony
Zone: 5b
Date: 15-May-03 06:23 AM EST

I live in a downtown townhome with a 20'x12' front garden. In the summer of 00 the developer planted a Schubert Chokecherry. It has done magnificently. It "leafs-out" early in spring and keeps its leaves until late fall. The very dry summers of the past three years have not impaired its development. I am satisfied to the extent that I will plant at least one in our brand new, unlandscaped, southern Ontario property.

In line with Susan's recommendation I would suggest you plant a Schubert about 6' from your property line.

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