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lemon tree and orange tree

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Mihaela10-May-03 08:10 AM EST 6   
Susan11-May-03 11:47 AM EST 6a   
Mihaela12-May-03 09:19 AM EST   

Subject: lemon tree and orange tree
From: Mihaela
Zone: 6
Date: 10-May-03 08:10 AM EST

I received a potted lemon tree when I first arrived in Toronto 3 years ago, it was already about 2' tall and quite leafy. It never bloomed, I took it out in its pot in the summer, it has a nice spot in the house in the winter, I kept trimming the top so it grows wider. It does fine but it never bloomed. I also received a small mexican orange tree last year, with oranges and blooms on it. They are all gone now, but the leaves are green. How can I make my trees bloom, is there a fertilizer that I should use (the people at greenhouses told me to let them almost die of thirst and then water them plenty - I never had the heart to do it!). Should I change them to bigger pots? Anybody had any experiences with these plants?

Subject: RE: lemon tree and orange tree
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 11-May-03 11:47 AM EST

For a good article on growing ornamental citrus trees in pots see:

I'd suspect inadequate light is probably a factor in the lack of flowers but proper watering and fertilizing are probably also an important issues.

Subject: RE: lemon tree and orange tree
From: Mihaela
Date: 12-May-03 09:19 AM EST

Thank you, Susan, for the link, I checked it out and I'll keep trying. Mihaela

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