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Vermiculture - advice needed

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Kirsten09-May-03 09:30 AM EST 3b   
Susan09-May-03 11:41 AM EST 6a   
Kirsten09-May-03 08:01 PM EST 3b   

Subject: Vermiculture - advice needed
From: Kirsten
Zone: 3b
Date: 09-May-03 09:30 AM EST

Hello, everyone, I was hoping that among you many enthusiastic gardeners there might be one or two who could solve a problem I'm having with my worms: Last fall I got some composting worms ('Red Wigglers') and they're eating and munching away their veggie scraps happily. Unfortunately they're sharing their home with some tiny bugs which were not really invited. I wouldn't mind that much if it wasn't for the fact that those tiny bugs seem to eat everything that comes their way. I noticed that, when I use the liquid fertilizer the worms produce and some of the bugs happen to be in there, they will eat the roots of whatever plant they ended up with. I tried to clean my compost bin, getting all the worms out etc. but it seems that I missed some eggs of those bugs and now they're in my bin again. The bugs are white (almost transparent)and tinier than a pin head. I can't use insect soap as it would kill my worms, and I hate the idea of getting rid of my worms since they're really multiplying and doing well. Any advice or suggestions? It would be greatly appreciated Thanks Kirsten

Subject: RE: Vermiculture - advice needed
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 09-May-03 11:41 AM EST

Your best bet may be to contact your worm supplier and ask for their advice. Or, you could try contacting Pennies Lane to Vermicomposting at or The Worm Factory at Was your supplier one of those two?

(If you attempt to contact either of them and the e-mail address is invalid, please let me know...)

Subject: RE: Vermiculture - advice needed
From: Kirsten
Zone: 3b
Date: 09-May-03 08:01 PM EST

Hi, Susan, thanks for your hints. Actually, I got the worms from a friend (last october) and they were doing quite well all winter. I used the liquid to fertilize all my houseplants. It's been only recently that there's this 'invasion' of tiny bugs...maybe they came with something I put in the bin??? I'll try the send a mail to the links mentioned. Thanks again

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