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a good landscaping computer program

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Wendy06-May-03 12:33 PM EST 3a   
Susan07-May-03 08:46 AM EST 6a   
Wendy07-May-03 11:43 AM EST 3a   
donna07-May-03 03:10 PM EST   
09-Apr-07 06:01 PM EST 2b   
Shari11-Apr-07 01:09 PM EST 6   

Subject: a good landscaping computer program
From: Wendy
Zone: 3a
Date: 06-May-03 12:33 PM EST

Can anyone recommend a good landscaping computer program that does not cost too much.

I am tired of redesigning my backyard every year and need a good plan. Thanks

Subject: RE: a good landscaping computer program
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 07-May-03 08:46 AM EST

I haven't tried any computer landscape design packages now in a couple of years. I did try a couple a few years ago and never found any of them satisfactory - especially if your house or lot or both are not standard shapes. Maybe they've improved a lot since I last tried them.... What I found works best for me is making a paper-based scale drawing of the garden, laminate it (it's pretty cheap to do at a copy store...) and then use water soluable markers to draw possible changes onto the plan until you are satisfied with size, shape, etc. It's easy to wash off the lines if you decide to change things and the laminated drawing means you can take it out into the garden without worrying about damaging it. I've made sufficient changes to the garden in the past two years that I now need to do a new scale drawing in case I want to make any significant new changes, although I think the basic shapes are now pretty well fixed... (probably, maybe....:)

Subject: RE: a good landscaping computer program
From: Wendy
Zone: 3a
Date: 07-May-03 11:43 AM EST

Thanks Susan that is a good idea to do. I just found a program where you can put your picture of your front and back yards and then work around that. I am keen on seeing the 3D affect. It is only 30 dollars at Costco. I think I might try it. I will let you know.

Subject: RE: a good landscaping computer program
From: donna
Date: 07-May-03 03:10 PM EST

I had mentioned this in the last newsletter. It is a site that you can go to and learn how to create a garden design, put on by the BBC and with the OK of the Royal Hort. Society. It's free and you can find it here...

part one how to be a gardener

and part two is the virtual garden plans...its from England, but still for most people it will be the start of something fun!

Subject: RE: a good landscaping computer program
Zone: 2b
Date: 09-Apr-07 06:01 PM EST

I'm new at this,we have moved to town and I have tons of flowers to move but would like a good landscaping plan or computer program.Any ideas....

Subject: RE: a good landscaping computer program
From: Shari (
Zone: 6
Date: 11-Apr-07 01:09 PM EST

I really like the laminated plan idea - thanks Susan! And thanks also to Donna for the BBC website - I will definitely check that out.

Lee Valley also sells some good, affordable resources for garden/landscape design - guidebooks, sketch pads & coloured pencils, a landscape design template and a colour wheel specifically designed for gardeners. Check them out at

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