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Wood Ashes - Use in Garden and Lawn

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Dorothy03-May-03 10:40 PM EST 5a   
PatA03-May-03 11:31 PM EST 3a   

Subject: Wood Ashes - Use in Garden and Lawn
From: Dorothy
Zone: 5a
Date: 03-May-03 10:40 PM EST

I love burning wood in my wood stove in the winter. I am not clear as to where I can use the ashes in my garden and lawn. I understand that wood ashes are potash. I bought Bone Meal for my bulb plants that is 2-11-0. Since potash is the last number, this implies that ashes are not good for bulb plants. I was told that ashes would be all right for grass, but the nitrogen number promotes green growth. I am confused. Does anyone know what plants love potash? And which plants don't mind potash?

Subject: RE: Wood Ashes - Use in Garden and Lawn
From: PatA
Zone: 3a
Date: 03-May-03 11:31 PM EST

Dorothy here is a good reference from a similar question back in 2001

Subject: RE: Woodstove ashes in gardens & Copost? From: Brian @ P&P Plants Zone: 3 Date: 10-Oct-01 06:39 PM EST The main benefit from the wood ash is the Potassium that is remaining. The plants that would benefit mostly are those that Flower and Fruit. The Potassium is Potassium Hydroxide,which is corrosive. that is why it would best be mixed with the Compost to neutralize it with the other materials that have an acidic ph. The closer to 7ph the better most plants will do. You can add to your compost all winter long. as you clean the ashes from your Heater or Firesplace, sprnkle the ashes over the pile. Keep adding new materials to the composter & by spring you will have some partially composed material ready for use in you garden.

Thanks for your comment Brian it still stands up two years later! PatA

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