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Subject: gardening chores calendar zone 3?
From: Jenny
Zone: 3
Date: 29-Apr-03 09:57 PM EST

Does anyone know of a site that corresponds with zone 3 gardening chores as to when to remove mulch from plants in the spring etc., perennials, shrubs and when to trim them? I have seen these calendars before in magazines and have misplaced them.

Subject: RE: gardening chores calendar zone 3?
From: donna
Zone: 3a
Date: 30-Apr-03 12:28 AM EST

Hi Jenny, Here is what I sent in for the Homemaker's March issue...

Early spring - there may be plants like pansies available. They are hardy and can be put in containers or window boxes. Primroses are another. Hopefully you are enjoying the bulbs you planted last fall. Don’t cut those leaves back, or tie them up. They are food for next years growth. Spread some bone meal or bulb fertilizer around the area.

When beds are dry, you can carefully check them out for growth, removing any of last winters growth that is laying on top of the new growth. This can promote rotting. Remove mulch at this time as well, but do it slowly...

Things like rose cones can be checked and possibly removed with winter mulches moved away slowly from plants so that they get a good start.

The one thing I always have to watch while tromping around is not to step on new growth coming up…I always do it and always regret it.

I have gotten into the habit of not pulling up everything I see. Sometimes it is the new seeds of past plants, sometimes it is a weed, but you have to give them time before you pull them out.

Spring is the time to start seeds – make sure you check the growing conditions on each packet and don’t start them too early or they will bolt on you.

Check your compost piles. Add Gaia Rock Dust to really give your compost bins a boost.

Check your tools and make sure they are ready for the new season.

If you have over wintered plants like geraniums, they should be ready to start new shoots.

If you have shrubs, check their pruning schedule.

When the lawn is dry enough, it is time to rake. The best time to aerate is spring and fall. After this apply a light layer of top dressing, lawn seed and MYKE Lawn added.

Clean out your pond and get it prepared for this season.

It may be warm enough in your area to plant cold season crops like, lettuce and peas.

As long as you can work in the garden, you can plant perennials.

Inside, take a good look at your houseplants. They should be perking up now. If they are, then it is time to start fertilizing again. Too much fertilizer causes the pots to form a salt crust around the edges or even on the soil. If this happens, run water through the pot to leach it out. As soon as it is warm enough, they should be able to go outside to enjoy the weather too!

Watch the new growth outside, plants like hops and Virginia creeper are prone to whitefly. If this happens, use Doktor Doom on them.

Get out into the greenhouses and smell the air. They are just the best tonic every gardener needs in spring…but be careful, what you buy you will have to nurture until it is time to plant them. I speak from experience!

Don’t just think about planting annuals. Try perennials in with your annuals in containers and in the fall move them to the garden. The purple fountain grasses don’t over winter where I live, but I use them in my planters for instant stares and ‘what is that’ you planted instead of dracaena….purple fountain grass and asparagus ferns look very cool and grab your attention.

I also have a May one if you are interested in was in Gardening Life latest issue, but a much shorter version...

Subject: RE: gardening chores calendar zone 3?
From: Sonia
Zone: 3
Date: 30-Apr-03 11:54 AM EST

Here's a listing put up by the Red Deer Garden Club.

Subject: RE: gardening chores calendar zone 3?
From: Jenny
Zone: 3
Date: 30-Apr-03 07:13 PM EST

Thank you very much Donna and Sonia for your expertise and replies...greatly appreciated...will get right to work...

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