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Amy Pollock24-Apr-03 12:18 PM EST 6b   
Susan24-Apr-03 04:20 PM EST 6a   

Subject: Grubs and planting new seed
From: Amy Pollock
Zone: 6b
Date: 24-Apr-03 12:18 PM EST


I am a new home owner in Rochester, NY and a novice to gardening. I just recently diagnosed my dead lawn, not as drought damage, but as a grub problem. It is doing that "peal it back like carpet" thing that apparently grubs do when they eat the roots of the grass. I have a VERY small, VERy dead city lawn;o) The research that I have done so far instructs me to either use Imidacloprid (Merit) in late May to kill the grubs, or to wait until later in the season when the grubs are younger. My question is, I have a mud hole right now, can I plant new seed in the spring AND treat for grubs AND fertilize at the same time? Would sod be a viable option? And if so, would I treat the "dead lawn" before laying down new seed/sod? I am also considering expanding my existing flower beds into the area with the grub problem. Would those areas need to be treated differently if plants will be going there? I would really appreciate a little direction from someone who has a clue :o) Thanks so much

Subject: RE: Grubs and planting new seed
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 24-Apr-03 04:20 PM EST

Art Drysdale, a well-known (here in Canada at least....)garden writer and radio garden show host, has his articles on this site. He has written about white grubs at various times. You might be interested in reading his article at:

He is also available here on this site on a live Chat program Sundays at 1:00 Eastern. You might want to drop by this site on Sunday and ask him your questions directly.

A few years ago, we had a major white grub problem on our lawn. The lawn was bordered by a large perennial bed. I found some white grubs in the garden too but not as many and they didn't seem to do much damage to the roots of my perennials.

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