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Planting annuals in containers

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AJ22-Apr-03 11:22 AM EST 5a   
NancyM22-Apr-03 04:11 PM EST 5   

Subject: Planting annuals in containers
From: AJ
Zone: 5a
Date: 22-Apr-03 11:22 AM EST

I have a 20" wide clay pot that I plant with annuals each year. Last year I pulled out the dead flowers & brought the pot inside with the soil still in it, and left it in my basement over the winter. My question is, can I plant annuals in that same soil, or do I need to dump it out & start with fresh potting soil? Also, I have 4" wide decorative pots that I want to put out with pansies, but will the small size of the pots make the flowers extra vulnerable to frost? Thanks for any help.

Subject: RE: Planting annuals in containers
From: NancyM
Zone: 5
Date: 22-Apr-03 04:11 PM EST

I would recommend that you replace the soil, as last year's will be likely quite nutrient depleted and may harbour diseases left over from last season. The only containers that I do not replace with new mix or fresh compost are my 1/2 barrels, which get a fair bit of new compost added every year. If the pot is very heavy, you may want to consider putting some styrofoam peanuts in the bottom third of the container to lighten it up a little.

If anything, pansies should be the one annual that'd be safe outdoors now. I would think that having them in a small pot would only be a concern if we get a hard freeze.

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