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Lewisia cotyledon

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Lindy20-Apr-03 12:56 PM EST 8   
Lindy20-Apr-03 09:21 PM EST 8   
JoanneS21-Apr-03 02:39 PM EST 3a   
GlenT22-Apr-03 02:03 AM EST 7   
Lindy22-Apr-03 10:36 AM EST 8a   

Subject: Lewisia cotyledon
From: Lindy
Zone: 8
Date: 20-Apr-03 12:56 PM EST

Happy Easter to all! Hope there is a ray of sunshine in everyone's day! Would anyone know if Bitterroot would be ok in Coastal weather? Specifcally Vanc. Island. I just discovered them in a book of Lois Hole's. They are so pretty. I wondered if the wet winter would rot them. How about on a well drained slope? Surely someone must have these in their garden!

Subject: RE: Lewisia cotyledon
From: Lindy
Zone: 8
Date: 20-Apr-03 09:21 PM EST

Had my question answered by Art Drysdale during the Sunday morning live chat. Thanks, Art.

Subject: RE: Lewisia cotyledon
From: JoanneS (
Zone: 3a
Date: 21-Apr-03 02:39 PM EST

What did he say? I had one make it over the winter, and the other right beside it, did not.

Subject: RE: Lewisia cotyledon
From: GlenT
Zone: 7
Date: 22-Apr-03 02:03 AM EST

Lindy and all-I missed Art's comment as well, but have a bit of experience on the coast here.

I have 70 cotyledon hybrids from a packet of seed, now in their second spring. They are just starting to flower again (did last summer from an early spring sowing). These are in 9cm pots, but will need to be moved up to 11 or 15cm after the main bloom this spring.

I like them in pots coz I can keep the trays of pots under the eaves for the winter...that is the tricky season with these. Keep them as dry as possible in the winter, they are alpine plants that are happy under a blanket of snow all winter, with no liquid water at their roots--not the norm here on the wet coast.

Once it starts to warm a bit, you'll notice them starting to grow--then they can go out in all the rain no problem, this coincides with the snowmelt time in their mountain homes--wettest time of year.

I also have one purchased plant that is very nice and large this spring, flowering for the first time in the open ground. In spite of the quite heavy silt loam it's in, this plant is very healthy. Dozens of flower spikes on it, this will be a highlight of the garden in another week or two! The dry winter may have made the difference in this open ground plant, or the fact it's in a somewhat raised bed, which I think is always helpful for most plants drainage-wise anyway.

Good luck trying them-I've grown to love these things in just the one year I've had them blooming-what variety and intensity of blooms.

Subject: RE: Lewisia cotyledon
From: Lindy
Zone: 8a
Date: 22-Apr-03 10:36 AM EST

Unfortunately I couldn't stay on the live chat long enough to get a detailed answer from Art. He just indicated that they could be grown here on Vanc Island. I know they don't like to be wet thru the winter so I was going to create a rock garden on a slight slope and hope they do ok. Maybe I'll make some sort of umbrella for them. I guess I could leave them in pots as Glen has but it would be nice to keep them in the ground. They look like they're worth a try!

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