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Rob19-Apr-03 09:33 AM EST 3b   
Susan19-Apr-03 01:08 PM EST 6a   

Subject: bluebells
From: Rob
Zone: 3b
Date: 19-Apr-03 09:33 AM EST

Hi. I just entered this site for the first time and I have question about Bluebells. These wildflowers grow profusely in woodland areas back in England, creating a beautiful rich blue carpet of indigo blue, but I've yet to see any here in central Alberta. So, the question is this: Are they a 'banned' plant here and, if not, what are the chances of successfully introducing them.

Subject: RE: bluebells
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 19-Apr-03 01:08 PM EST

I believe that your bluebells are Scilla nonscripta. I usually see them listed as hardy to about zone 4 so they'd probably be a bit iffy in your area although I'd expect they'd survive in areas with good winter snowcover. Here in Ontario in the town where I live, many of the older homes have blue lawns in spring from scilla that have spread to carpet the entire lawn. Very pretty! The other thing in my neighbourhood that provides an amazingly beautiful woodland carpet in spring is white trilliums (Trilliun grandiflorum), which happens to be the provinicial flower of Ontario. I think it is, or was, called Wake-Robin in England. In mid-late May, the floor of a small woodland near me is a sea of white trilliums (with a few scilla mixed in too...!) In the east coast provinces of Canada, where I grew up, the spring woodland flowers were deep burgundy colored trilliums and yellow Dog-toothed Violets. That was a beautiful combination too. I'm sure Alberta has it's own beautiful spring woodland wildflowers but I've not been there in spring so I'm not sure what they are. I'm sure someone on the Forum will be happy to let both of us know what they are. If you miss your bluebells, you should certainly give them a try this fall when you plant your bulbs but the west is the home of lots of beautiful native plants so make sure you give them a try too!

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