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NancyM17-Apr-03 05:06 PM EST 5   
JoanneS21-Apr-03 02:47 PM EST 3a   
Budding Poet21-Apr-03 03:17 PM EST 5a   
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Subject: Moving Overwintered Perennials Outdoors?
From: NancyM
Zone: 5
Date: 17-Apr-03 05:06 PM EST

When can I move the perennials that I've overwintered under lights, in the basement back outdoors? I have a number of plants that were either brought inside for the winter (tender perennials), purchased from greenhouses over the winter, or were started from bare roots. The list includes:

Rosemary, Agapanthus, Thyme, Cotoneaster (in a container), Daylilies (from bare root), Lamiums, Hummingbird sage, Acanthus mollis, Erodium, Chrysanthemums, Pennisetum'Little Bunny'

Can I start moving these out now, or should I wait until things get a little warmer?

Subject: RE: Moving Overwintered Perennials Outdoors?
From: JoanneS (
Zone: 3a
Date: 21-Apr-03 02:47 PM EST

The only rule of thumb is if it cannot survive frost, place it outdoors after all chance of frost has passed. Usually, we harden them off first. Put them out during the day and bring back in at night. Once it is used to the cooler temperatures, and you know it won't go below freezing at night, leave them out over night. I usually harden off over a two week period.

Subject: RE: Moving Overwintered Perennials Outdoors?
From: Budding Poet (
Zone: 5a
Date: 21-Apr-03 03:17 PM EST

I will just add to Joanne's note that a warm overcast day is ideal for setting them out. An area protected from the wind and sun will keep them happy. With no shade from the trees yet in Zn 5 they would quickly scorch if left in full sun.

Subject: RE: Moving Overwintered Perennials Outdoors?
From: NancyM
Zone: 5
Date: 21-Apr-03 09:51 PM EST

Thanks folks,

I'll start with them in a shady spot during the day when it warms after the snow comes again tomorrow. Can't believe this @#$@*&**% spring!! I've tended to leave them too long in previous years(well into May), and have managed to scorch a few with too much sun to fast.

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