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seeds from tomatoes purchased in store

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Bill14-Apr-03 08:38 AM EST 5a   
Garth14-Apr-03 05:59 PM EST 2b   
Elizabeth29-Apr-03 05:31 PM EST 3a   
sarah13-May-03 10:23 AM EST 6a   
Brent09-Jun-03 10:34 AM EST   

Subject: seeds from tomatoes purchased in store
From: Bill
Zone: 5a
Date: 14-Apr-03 08:38 AM EST

greetings, I am new to gardening, Have always been interested but never had the chance. I am planning on starting some tomatoes by using the seeds out of one I purchased in the store. is that possible? What do I need to do to prepare them for planting?

Subject: RE: seeds from tomatoes purchased in store
From: Garth
Zone: 2b
Date: 14-Apr-03 05:59 PM EST

Bill I would be careful about starting tomatoes from saved seed because if the original plant was a hybrid the fruit the new plant produces may not be the same as the host plant you got the seed from. You would be better off purchasing some seed and there is a great amount to choose from. Now would be a good time to start your seed as well. Some good seed starting soil mix will be needed,warm temperature, and some good sunlight too otherwise your tomatoes will get leggy and weak. If you can provide all of this you should be on your way to a great tomatoe crop. Later once your plants are up and have more than 2 leafs on the stem a good shot of liquid fertilizer will give them a good boost. Hope this helps you get started.

Subject: RE: seeds from tomatoes purchased in store
From: Elizabeth
Zone: 3a
Date: 29-Apr-03 05:31 PM EST

My Dad has used his salad tomatoes for a source of seed for years. He dries them slightly then plants them, usually in February or March. Right now the tomatoes in his window are beginning to produce flowers. Garth is right it can be a bit of a suprise but normally we get wonderful tomatoes. One year the vine tomato we planted grew to nearly to a second floor bedroom window. We didn't get any tomatoes but it sure was a great conversation piece! Last year we had wonderful Romas. Dad says you can't take the seeds from those tomatoes and start new plants, but that's not a problem.

Subject: RE: seeds from tomatoes purchased in store
From: sarah
Zone: 6a
Date: 13-May-03 10:23 AM EST

I've done it from store bought grape tomatoes. the plants came up fine but no fruit. Now I get the seeds from my italian neighbours who have been using the same seeds for many years. it's working great

Subject: RE: seeds from tomatoes purchased in store
From: Brent
Date: 09-Jun-03 10:34 AM EST

Hi Bill: Often, store-bought tomatoes are F1 hybrids. This means that the seed from these tomatoes is either sterile or very weak. The offspring of these plants is useless, usually. We tried this with seeds from a purple wave petunia, and confirmed this. That being said, it won't cost you anything to try. But plant a few 'Early Girl' or 'Roma VF' seeds (in your zone) just in case they don't grow. Oh, and by the by, make sure you label your seedlings when you're growing more than one type, cause you'll NEVER remember which one is which. Regards, Brent.

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