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betty06-Apr-03 09:58 PM EST 4   
Susan07-Apr-03 08:01 AM EST 6a   

Subject: Combos
From: betty
Zone: 4
Date: 06-Apr-03 09:58 PM EST

I have to plant a bic circle and thought of mixing Echinacea purpurea with achillea Flipendolina(Cornation Gold).

Or Orange Daylilies and in front of it Blackeyed Susan with sedum.

Anny comments or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks already. betty

Subject: RE: Combos
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 07-Apr-03 08:01 AM EST

Betty - I haven't grown Coronation Gold in a few years so I'm not sure but doesn't it bloom earlier than the purple coneflower? Are you intending them to be a succession of bloom or want them to bloom together? Purple and yellow are complementary colors and so do make a vivid combination (although I always think of Purple Coneflower as more pink than purple, but then my color sense is a bit 'off' at times I think...) Some of the short, pale yellow or creamy white sunflowers might make a good combination with the Purple Coneflowers and I had some purple-blue Canturbury Bells that bloomed about the same time as my Coronation Gold and they looked good together.

An accidental combination I've got with orange daylilies is the daylilies in front of Jackmanii clematis that spills over the fence from the next-door-neighbour. It makes an amazinly vivid and pretty combination that I propably would never have planted on my own. I was going to rip out the daylilies (which I 'inherited' with the house...) as I don't like the orange ones, but I left them after seeing the combination the first summer here. The daylilies would probably go well with the Black-eyed Susans but, personally, I think they might clash with the pink flowering sedums although the rusy red type of sedum might be OK. I like the solid yellow Black-eyed Susans best in masses mixed with the Rudbeckia hirta 'Gloriosa Daisy' types. They're so showly and striking in that sort of combination that they don't really seem to need anything else with them.

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