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Karen05-Apr-03 11:54 AM EST
jtwheeler3505-Apr-03 05:16 PM EST 5b   
Susan06-Apr-03 09:40 AM EST 6a   
Shane06-Apr-03 06:23 PM EST 3   

Subject: fluorescent lighting
From: Karen
Date: 05-Apr-03 11:54 AM EST

I am using fluorescent light to grow my seedlings what is the best type of tubes to use. In two of my fixtures I amusing a warm and a residential tube and in the other fixture I am using 2 grow tubes (pink).

Subject: RE: fluorescent lighting
From: jtwheeler35
Zone: 5b
Date: 05-Apr-03 05:16 PM EST

I read that a balance of a warm and a cool is best. I myself am using the cools with several screw-in types around the room. So far, no problems but the warms are a little more expensive. JT

Subject: RE: fluorescent lighting
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 06-Apr-03 09:40 AM EST

As JT says, one warm white paired with once cool white is an inexpensive alternative to 'grow' lights and works quite well. That's the combination I have always used in the past. This year, as an experiment, I decided to try the Philip's 'Daylight' bulbs. They are working really well. Both my African Violets and my seedlings have done really well under them and they're less expensive than 'grow' lights. Also, my light fixtures are 3' instead of the more common 4' and I can't find 3' 'grow' lights anyway... Whatever light you use, it is important to remember that fluorscent bulbs lose their strength as they age so, each year for your seedlings, it's a good idea to get new bulbs even if the old ones haven't actually burned out.

Subject: RE: fluorescent lighting
From: Shane
Zone: 3
Date: 06-Apr-03 06:23 PM EST

JT and Susan are right. Your plants need the whole spectrum of visible light to grow. That's why you need to mix warm and cool if you are using normal tubes. You could also use bulbs that specifically say "wide or full spectrum". These are basically the same as the special plant bulbs. Either way, the results should be nearly the same.

Good Luck! Shane

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