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Em04-Apr-03 03:02 PM EST
leh04-Apr-03 04:58 PM EST 2b   
donna04-Apr-03 05:45 PM EST 3a   
charlene09-Apr-03 03:20 PM EST 5   

Subject: urgent germination question
From: Em
Date: 04-Apr-03 03:02 PM EST

Help! I volunteered to grow some wave petunias for our gardening society. I said "Give me the petunias. They are easy". So now I am being punished by the gardening gods. I started them off on a heat mat, and when they started to germinate, I transferred them to under the grow lights. However,no more have germinated. My question is, If I put them back on the heat mat, will that hurt the ones that have already germinated. I have used the heat mat every year with very good germination results, so I cannot understand why it is not working this year. I had 2 different packages of new seeds. Marie

Subject: RE: urgent germination question
From: leh
Zone: 2b
Date: 04-Apr-03 04:58 PM EST

Did you buy the seeds from the same rack at the same time? Maybe all the seeds came from a bad batch or the packages were improperly stored before you bought them. I know this is isn't answering your question, but, I'd suggest you buy some more seeds at a different store and start again($$$ floating away!!). I don't know if wave petunias are like the regular petunias, but I know if you plant a package of mixed colors in the regular petunia, different colors germinate at different times. Ah, those garden Gods get you just when you're the most perky!!! Good luck.

Subject: RE: urgent germination question
From: donna
Zone: 3a
Date: 04-Apr-03 05:45 PM EST

Hi there...I found this information on them, might be of help to you...

Sowing Instructions: Sow on the surface of a moist free draining seed sowing compost. Do not cover the seed and propagate at 20c. Germination should take place in 7 to 10 days. Maintain a temperature of 20c after germination.

Growing Instructions: When the seedlings are established cool them down slightly to 15 c and transfer on to a 6 Pack or 9cm pot for final sale. February sowings should result in saleable plants late April. Later sowings can be made in Late March-April for later pot bedding sales in June. These can be sown in the same way but transfer 3 plugs to a 1 litre pot for a compact flowering plant that completely fills the pot.

Subject: RE: urgent germination question
From: charlene
Zone: 5
Date: 09-Apr-03 03:20 PM EST

sometimes there is no rhyme or reason to germination... I bought seeds for 4 different types of petunias... 3 sprouted fine and 1 type did NOTHING!! I just gave up on the yellow ones! Where yours yellow by any chance??

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