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Raspberry Blackberry cross?

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Vic31-Mar-03 02:24 PM EST 2b   
01-Apr-03 06:59 AM EST   
PatA01-Apr-03 02:07 PM EST 3a   
Vic02-Apr-03 01:34 AM EST 2b   

Subject: Raspberry Blackberry cross?
From: Vic
Zone: 2b
Date: 31-Mar-03 02:24 PM EST

I am renewing my raspberries in a new part of our yard after 20 years of raspberry going. We had a lot of success although the last few years showed a decline in the plants, as is described in some fruit literature. Is it possible to grow different varieties of raspberries together without having crossing affect the fruit. Likewise, can blackberries be grown near raspberries without adverse crossing?

Subject: RE: Raspberry Blackberry cross?
Date: 01-Apr-03 06:59 AM EST

I don't think crossing would affect the fruit unless you were then to grown the fruit on into new plants.

Subject: RE: Raspberry Blackberry cross?
From: PatA
Zone: 3a
Date: 01-Apr-03 02:07 PM EST

Vic, I've been checking around and I found blackberries NEED something to cross polinate, Raspberies DO NOT. One site recommended staying 300 ft from wild berries (but no reason given)BUT... nothing indicated flavour or fruit change by crossing so? Go ahead.

Have you tried blackberries in your zone 2 yet. In my experience they do not grow well. If you've had better luck let me know how you did it. I would apreciate the info. Thanks PatA :-)

Subject: RE: Raspberry Blackberry cross?
From: Vic
Zone: 2b
Date: 02-Apr-03 01:34 AM EST

PatA, I assumed that they were very much out of zone, but reading the McFadden catalogue has tempted me to experiment. Their two types are listed down to zone 3 so I will take a chance. I know the physical growing habit is very different from raspberries so they might be placed low and protected in winter, like some tender climbing roses. Your mention of the cross pollination need sounds familiar. Thanks

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