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Morning shade/aft. sun shrubs?

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AJ14-Mar-03 05:35 PM EST 5a   
Susan14-Mar-03 08:54 PM EST 6a   
PatA15-Mar-03 01:13 AM EST 3a   
Susan15-Mar-03 08:48 AM EST 6a   
AJ15-Mar-03 07:22 PM EST 5a   
Lindy15-Mar-03 08:10 PM EST 8   

Subject: Morning shade/aft. sun shrubs?
From: AJ
Zone: 5a
Date: 14-Mar-03 05:35 PM EST

As soon as the snow melts, we are pulling out three burning bushes from in front of our front porch. They never turned red in that location, and our best guess is because that spot gets morning shade and late afternoon sun. So we're moving the burning bushes to the southside.

That will leave me with a 12' wide hole right in front of my west-facing front porch, which is the focal point of my house. I'd like to put shrubs (or a small tree?)there rather than perennials, but I can't seem to find the right fit looking through my books. The most interesting shrubs seem to be full sun only. I have a variety of other shrubs nearby, but no evergreen shrubs, so maybe that's an option. I don't want it to look boring, though. My house is pale yellow. Any ideas?

Subject: RE: Morning shade/aft. sun shrubs?
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 14-Mar-03 08:54 PM EST

It might be borderline for you but have you considered Mahonia? Broadleafed evergreen that has leaves that look like holly; yellow spring flowers; blue fruit for the birds in summer and fall; turns nice purply color in the winter and the new leaves are interesting bronzy/purple/green colors before turning dark, glossy green for the summer. It takes part shade or full shade. If it got too much strong afternoon sun it wouldn't be happy though.

Subject: RE: Morning shade/aft. sun shrubs?
From: PatA
Zone: 3a
Date: 15-Mar-03 01:13 AM EST

AJ what about trying one of the new barberries. Royal Burgandy or Cherry Bomb have bugandy foliage. Although they prefer full sun if you get at least 6 hours afternoon sun they will be just fine. As a Bonus the barberry blooms with bright yellow flowers quite a shock against the foliage. Cherry Bomb has some white and pink vareigation in the young foliage. A nice contrast to your yellow house and cetainly a FOCAL point! They are not evergreen but check them out. PatA

Subject: RE: Morning shade/aft. sun shrubs?
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 15-Mar-03 08:48 AM EST

Barberries can indeed be beautiful shrubs - a neighbour has a real show-stopper - not sure what kind as it's an old one from before the ban.... The disadvantage of barberries if they are too close to an entrance is their vicious thorns! Mahonia leaves are also a bit prickly but only dried ones on the ground are truly sharp so, as long as you pick up any fallen leaves, there's not a problem with them....

A more friendly suggestion than both of these but not evergreen would be one of the spireas. Bridal Wreath spirea does well for me against the house (a sunny yellow house...) with only a few hours of afternoon sun. They are so beautiful in bloom in June and this year the shrubs (3 years old) look big enough that I'm going to try growing some Jackmani clematis through them to add color in late summer.

Subject: RE: Morning shade/aft. sun shrubs?
From: AJ
Zone: 5a
Date: 15-Mar-03 07:22 PM EST

Your suggestions are interesting, since I already have a Bridal Wreath Spirea & a dwarf barberry elsewhere in my front bed! I like them both. I will look up the Mahonia.

However, I am thinking some evergreen shrubs would be good since ALL the shrubs I have now are deciduous. I found some interesting evergreen possibilities and I want to know if anyone has any thoughts on them:

Silver Queen Euonymus, with variegated leaves, supposedly good in zone 5 & part shade.

Scarletta or Lovita Leucothoe, with leaves that turn red in winter, also supposedly good in zone 5 & in part shade.

Does anyone else have either of these? What do you think of them?

Subject: RE: Morning shade/aft. sun shrubs?
From: Lindy
Zone: 8
Date: 15-Mar-03 08:10 PM EST neighbor has Silver Queen on a NW wall..does very well with no morning sun and about 4-5 hours of afternoon sun. Supposed to do well as low as zone 5. I think Leucothoe is only hardy to zone 6. I grew Mohonia aquifolium in zone 5-6 with so much success that I considered it invasive, although we enjoyed the jam made from the berries.

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