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02-Mar-03 03:09 PM EST
Doktor Doom02-Mar-03 04:21 PM EST   
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Subject: Keep mosquitoes at bay
Date: 02-Mar-03 03:09 PM EST

Is there someone who can help me with the following question? Beside the Pelargonium Citrosa which other plants can keep the mosquitoes at bay? Thanks.

Subject: RE: Keep mosquitoes at bay
From: Doktor Doom
Date: 02-Mar-03 04:21 PM EST

Citronella is suppose to help, I had one on my deck and it did not help a bit.

I truly believe that home owners and gardeners alike will have to resort to Insecticides and Doktor Doom Residual Insecticide spray has the only label claim in Canada for long term residual control of Mosquitoes.

Refer to Joan's comments about the bats, they will also help as will dragonflys.


Doktor Doom

Subject: RE: Keep mosquitoes at bay
From: bob
Zone: 3
Date: 03-Mar-03 04:26 PM EST

Bats are not an effective means of mosquito control. the most effective way to control mosquitoes is to control their breeding, be sure there is no source of standing water anywhere. tis includes trays and anything used under plant pots to collect water overflow.

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