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Pam Stephens08-Feb-03 05:38 PM EST 3a   
eds08-Feb-03 09:10 PM EST 5a   
DAVE10-Feb-03 04:56 AM EST   
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Subject: starting seeds in greenhouse
From: Pam Stephens
Zone: 3a
Date: 08-Feb-03 05:38 PM EST

I have a new greenhouse that I haven't had the opportunity yet to grow any plants.

I live just outside Calgary. The greenhouse can be heated, but it's not insulated.

Does anyone have any idea when I can start seeds in the greenhouse?

I want to grow annuals, perennials, and a few veges.

Subject: RE: starting seeds in greenhouse
From: eds
Zone: 5a
Date: 08-Feb-03 09:10 PM EST

Because of the variation in regions and seeds, I suggest you slip into a neighbourhood setup similar to yours, -- and ask those questions.Most amateur growers, and many others will gladly share their expertise; in addition, will probably provide valuable information you had never considered asking for !

Subject: RE: starting seeds in greenhouse
From: DAVE
Date: 10-Feb-03 04:56 AM EST

While you ask a simple question, I don't think there is a simple answer. Germinating plants prefer a specific combination of soil temperature, air temperature and level of light. Greenhouses tend to have wide fluctuations in temperature. During the day they absorb energy that can burn your plants and at night they cool off rapidly(no insulation) and may freeze the plant. Depending on your (1)equipment(ie: computerized vents and curtains) and (2)time you're willing to spend to control the greenhouse's atmosphere and (3)money you're willing to spend to heat the greenhouse on cold evenings, will all play a part in how early your can start. If cost is no concern you could run the greenhouse all year round, heating on cold nights, providing artifical light and cooling during sunny days. Or at the least it can extend your growing season by a few weeks in the spring and the fall. As Ed suggests, I'd talk to local experts.

Subject: RE: starting seeds in greenhouse
From: carmen
Zone: 8
Date: 11-Feb-03 01:26 AM EST

I'm not sure this really answers your question but, starting the seeds indoors with lights and even heating mats and then transferring into greenhouse to harden off after frost is past for your area is an alternative that I am going to try this year. My local garden centre told me not to start the seeds too early though because it must be warmish outside and not freezing at night. Starting to early like I did last year was a disaster, when I wanted to harden off it was still to cold and the plants grew lanky etc. inside. Just an idea or two. Oh and I learned the hard way to stop heating from bottom after germination for most seeds as they just get too dry etc.

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