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Diane 07-Jan-03 09:34 PM EST 7b   
Susan08-Jan-03 07:43 AM EST 6a   
Anne14-Jan-03 02:45 AM EST 8   
Diane14-Jan-03 09:47 PM EST   
Shelley19-Jan-03 03:21 PM EST 8   
Diane19-Jan-03 08:43 PM EST   
carmen11-Feb-03 01:32 AM EST 8   

Subject: primula
From: Diane
Zone: 7b
Date: 07-Jan-03 09:34 PM EST

Does any one know if deer eat Primula or Primroses? I have 6 wonderful new flowerbeds and I am wondering if I should waste valuable time and money only to find that the deer have them for dessert. I live on Vancouver Island and have just moved to a new development and have just been introduced to what these little darlings will eat. Also if anyone has any help for me on how to get the critters from not eating my new grass.... please pass it on. Thanks

Subject: RE: primula
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 08-Jan-03 07:43 AM EST

Primroses are on the list of deer-edible plants. For some good informationon deer and your garden, go to the Cornell "University page at:

Subject: RE: primula
From: Anne
Zone: 8
Date: 14-Jan-03 02:45 AM EST

Deer! What Deer!? I live in the middle of a salad bar for Bambis' on South Van Island too. They haven't done in my polyanthus, however they will go nuts for pansies. I've invested in primula and they are a reasonable bet to live.However, Hungry Deer eat anything and baby deer have still to learn what's what.Mostly if you are in a new development you've trespassed into their food territory and that's why they show up. They're not really grazers (like cows) but browsers (like goats) and so they will eat new tips of growth and leaves and such. I have a list of things that are fairly safe email me if you like and I'll let you know what work here. Anne

Subject: RE: primula
From: Diane
Date: 14-Jan-03 09:47 PM EST

Hey Anne, thanks for replying to my plea for help. I could not e-mail you, as you do not have it set up in your member info area.... I think.. Address does not show in the thread. I have revised my info so that possibly you could e-mail me. Thanks so very much. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I went to the web site that Susan suggested and then went to the garden centre here... both are totally opposite. My 4 legged friends are driving me crazy... and I must say that it is not a far drive.

Subject: RE: primula
From: Shelley
Zone: 8
Date: 19-Jan-03 03:21 PM EST

I have just moved to Vancouver Island - Qualicum area and our yard is horrible. I'm wondering too about the deer and what to plant. We are starting from scratch and have no idea where to begin having moved from Ontario. HELP

Subject: RE: primula
From: Diane
Date: 19-Jan-03 08:43 PM EST

Hi Shelley.... my advise is to go to a good garden centre. They have some very valuable advise. At Art Knapp, I got a book called Deer Proofing Your Yard and Garden. It is a lot of reading but well worth it. Also I have been told about this mixture: 1 egg yolk, 1 Tblsp baking powder...mixed in 1 litre of water. You can spray or go to a camera film developing store and ask for all the empty containers you can get,puncture holes in the tops and fill with this mixture and put it under small plants or hang on bigger plants. They do NOT like the smell. Good luck in your new endeavour. Welcome to deer "salad bowl heaven". They are lovely animals but a pain in the butt.

Subject: RE: primula
From: carmen
Zone: 8
Date: 11-Feb-03 01:32 AM EST

Well, well finally some girls out west! I live in Victoria and while we don't have deer near me (so I don't have that problem, but squirrels are my arch enemy), primula's at my house have been ruined and or eaten to the ground by SLUGS! Slugs love them! They seem to be like candy for them, I noticed yesterday that four postford white primula had been blooming and now are "nubs" with no stem, stalk, leave and forget about the flowers! Also, I think that earwigs go for them too in a mild winter.

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