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Subject: Using Doktor Doom
From: donna
Zone: 3a
Date: 21-Nov-02 12:20 PM EST

Have you used these products before? I would be interested in knowing. I have used the House and Garden Insecticide spray and the Botanics with great results.

The House and Garden was sprayed on my virginia creeper and kept the whitefly off for the whole season.

I used Botanics on my grape vine for the same problem with the same results. This product is made to be used on fruits, vegetables and herbs even.

I would like to hear of other results...

Subject: RE: Using Doktor Doom
From: Chris
Date: 22-Nov-02 07:44 PM EST

Dr Doom House and Garden spray is excellent, Every year I have lots of peoblems with ants but ince I use Dr Doom I have only to spray two or three times over the whole summer and the ants problem is solved.

Subject: RE: Using Doktor Doom
From: Betty
Zone: 5a
Date: 23-Nov-02 03:18 PM EST

I am afraid that I would not even try anything that had Doom in it for a name. I prefer to use natural and organic remedies and avoid all commercial products that promises doom, death, and end all to the environment around me.

Subject: RE: Using Doktor Doom
From: GriggK
Zone: 3a
Date: 26-Nov-02 11:11 AM EST

Hi Betty: In response to your "I would not use Doktor Doom", the suggestion that using products of this nature is an end all to the environment around you is an utter misconception.

Pyrethrins have been an aide to mankind since the beginning of evolution- how do you think the mummies that are buried in Eygpt have been preserved for this many centuries? They buried them with Chrysanthemums! The source of pyrethrins.

Pyrethrins kill and repel insect pests on contact as well, they beakdown biologically by exposure to sunlight, wind and humidity with absolutely no adverse effects to the environment.

Pyrethrins will remains active if they are not in the presence of wind, humidity or sunlight- which would make you need to apply them in complete darkness in an area that would not be condusive to growing any living plant.Not too many people I know would be applying these products in this type of environment as there would be nothing in there that would be living or causing pest problems.

Pyrethrins are very safe to humans, pets- any thing warm blooded- and do exactly what they are designed to do- kill insect pests that are problem to Home Owners and Gardeners alike.

Please let me know what natural remedies work for you as when you have an infestation of bugs- any natural remedies that actually worked would have prevented them to begin with.

The products that you are referring to that will cause end all to the environment around you are presently being banned and these fall under Trade Names such as Malathion, Diazanon, Organophosphates etc.

Betty I totally agree that the Home Owner should be very concious of products that they use and that they should be safe products. Doktor Doom products fall under this umbrella as the primary ingredients are extracts from flowers.

Subject: RE: Using Doktor Doom
From: Betty
Zone: 5a
Date: 26-Nov-02 05:16 PM EST

I believe I said " I would not even try anything that had Doom in it for a name". My belief is that insects are a part of our environment and that is why I said I disliked anything that used a name that threatened our environment.

My natural remedies consist of encouraging birds, toads, and snakes into my garden. They usually keep any pests under control. The only pest I have ever sprayed for in my garden is earwigs. I use a mixture of soap & water and direct spray.

My concern with "safe products" is that people get carried away with them and I am sure you must agree that they do spell doom for good as well as bad bugs. True, my birds do not distinguish between them either but I must be doing something right in my garden, as it seems to flourish. I have had ants, aphids, cutworms, and mites, but not in any great amount. The only insect that seems to enjoy munching in my garden is earwigs.

As I enjoy the birds in my garden, I prefer not to use anything as that mean they will be ingesting treated insects.

Again, my primary concern is the uses of the word doom (1.Inevitable destruction or ruin.) in the product. I do not like to associate my garden with that word. My objection to your product was the name chosen for it.

I would not have mentioned my dislike of the name if I had realized at the time it was not part of a general discussion forum, but under the ad section. Not quite used to the new format yet. I had not realized at the time that there was an ad section (for testimonials) and general discussion for other things.

Subject: RE: Using Doktor Doom
From: Greta Heinen
Date: 26-Nov-02 11:23 PM EST

I have used Doktor Doom in my Greenhouse and the results were good. It is only used as a last resort. I agree with Betty preventative measures are the best. Before bringing plants into the greenhouse they are washed with soapy water.

Subject: RE: Using Doktor Doom
From: GriggK
Zone: 3a
Date: 29-Nov-02 12:13 PM EST

Hi Betty:

Pyrethrins are non-toxic to birds and after a bug has been contacted by pyrethrins the bug dies. Birds will not eat dead insects.

Frogs on the other hand may suffer a little if the spray contacts them directly but they are too large for the product to cause fatality.

Snakes, I am not sure about but again like a bird a snake will not eat a dead bug.

I totally agree with having natural predators and also agree that consumers use Insecticide Products improperly, which is the cause of environmental damage, again as a last resort and with an infestation, Doktor Doom Products used properly will deal with all bug problem.

Subject: RE: Using Doktor Doom
From: Lisa
Zone: 5a
Date: 11-Feb-03 03:09 PM EST

I have been using various name brands of Pyrethrins as well as home made remedies in my gardens for years. Docktor Doom's claim to help end my mosquito infestation (I live near a swamp) has peaked my interest. Has anyone had success doing away or maybe controlling this blood sucking creature. I sure would like to be able to enjoy the great outdoors this summer!Thanks.

Subject: RE: Using Doktor Doom
From: Doktor Doom
Date: 12-Feb-03 11:52 PM EST

Hi Lisa:

Doktor Doom Residual Insecticide Spray is a great surface "Residual Spray" suggesting that any surface you treat will be actively eliminating all Insects listed on the label as well as many more Insects that land on the treated surfaces.

One application will last in very bright & sunny locations for about 18 days and in shaded areas, it will last for months depending on humidity, wind and sunlight exposure.

Doktor Doom Residual Spray & Doktor Doom House & Garden Spray well take care of your problem near and around your swamp, be careful not to apply the products into direct water sources as it is toxic to fish and be certain to keep cats away from treated surfaces until they have completely dried- 2-4 hours.

The same chemical is approved for clothing applications in the USA.

They suggest that you apply a mist over the exterior of your clothing until you see a slight change in colour and allow to dry, pay special attentions to sleeves & cuffs. Always do this outside on a calm day; in the shade and let dry not in the presence of sunlight. You can apply to footwear as well!

Apparently this will prevent them from not only landing on you but also will kill them if they do! As well a single application will last through 4-5 washings of your clothes.

Always use permethrins selectively for instance if you are applying them to flowers - do not apply to open blooms because if a bee lands on it!

Treat your roses and such prior to them budding- stems, stocks etc and this well eliminate any problems before they happen.

Cheers, Doktor Doom

Subject: RE: Using Doktor Doom
From: joan
Zone: 3a
Date: 01-Mar-03 11:37 PM EST

I haven't used the product but have heard rave reviews from others who have used it. Lisa, it will be interesting to hear if Dr. Doom can control or even reduce mosquitos near a swamp. We have a cottage on an acreage that includes a swamp and have quite successfully kept the bug population under reasonable control by encouraging bats, using bat houses.

Subject: RE: Using Doktor Doom
From: Doktor Doom
Date: 02-Mar-03 04:16 PM EST

Hi Joan:

Using Doktor Doom around your Cottage will dramatically reduce the mosquito population.

Apply the Doktor Doom "Residual spray" to the siding, lights, railings, shaded areas, under proches etc as well apply to window sills, door jams, doors inside and outside. Do always apply the product to a dry, clean surface and allow to fully dry before you allow children or pets to come in contact with treated surfaces- about 3-4 hours.

For the area around the swamp, I would recommend Doktor Doom House & Garden as it has many label claims for use on Plants.

Make certain that if you have Fish in the swamp not to get any over spray in the swamp.

The best metheod of use would be to clean up the ground cover and low lying shrubs and bushes as best you can, and than apply the house & garden liberally to all shaded areas, your lawn, under hedges and shrubs etc. Again always try to apply to a Dry Surface and allow to fully dry before allowing children and pets into the treated areas.

The House & gaden spray will last for a minimum of two weeks in sunny areas and for up to a month in shaded areas, the residual will last a good three weeks in sunny areas and at least 6 weeks in shaded areas.

I cannot forget to mention that the "residual spray" formula is approved for use on the outside of your clothing in the USA.

Please refer to the Feb. answer in the forum for more information on that.

Doktor Doom will be introducing a Mosquito repellent soon, it should be available in Garden Centres by the long weekend in May.

Any more questions, feel free to e-mail me at

Best regards.

Doktor Doom

P.S. None of these sprays will harm your bats and I completely encourage that you continue to use them.

Subject: RE: Using Doktor Doom
From: H
Zone: 7b
Date: 06-Apr-03 09:00 AM EST

Thanks for the info. My father-in-law has THE WORST PROBLEM with ants. Black ants, sugar ants and fire ants. I will get this product for him and see what happens.

Subject: RE: Using Doktor Doom
Date: 30-Apr-03 12:45 AM EST

Subject: RE: Using Doktor Doom
From: Janice
Zone: 8
Date: 16-Jun-03 08:56 PM EST


Ok you have my interest. Because we had a very mild winter this year. The flea are very bad this year. I am wondering is this will help out for this problem as well. Maybe someone can check the lable and see if it will go for this as well. If it is as good as everyone is saying I would spray it on the grass and rock area to help out. I have two cats and even though they stay on our deck I am still having problems with these pesky pest, and my cats are not to happy either. My 1 cat that has allergies to the fleas has chewed all his fur off his back end and back legs. He would really need a pair of pants for him now.

Subject: RE: Using Doktor Doom
From: Doktor Doom
Date: 05-Aug-03 02:32 PM EST

Hi Janice:

You can use one of two products for this application however the cats are a problem for using the Residual Spray unless you can keep them off the treated area for at least 4 hours.

Either Doktor Doom House & garden Spray and apply it directly to the grass- do this late at night and keep the cats in until morning or go with the Botanic's Plant Spray and gthe cats are safe on this surface at any time however it does not provide resiual control meaning you will need to apply it every couple of days to kill the larvae that has recently hatched. With the House & Garden it is a one time application with the Botanic's every three days for 4 cycles.

Cheers, Doktor Doom

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