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Brian in Essex, England, UK11-Nov-02 08:51 AM EST 8   
Will Creed11-Nov-02 08:58 PM EST   

Subject: Flaming Sword
From: Brian in Essex, England, UK
Zone: 8
Date: 11-Nov-02 08:51 AM EST

I've got this Flaming Sword houseplant. Its luscious, long striped leaves are gorgeous.

Until last week, it had a long, red sword sticking up from the middle which over a period of five months has firstly developed little yellow flowers which have now died off and then turned a dirty brown colour.

As instructed, we have cut off the sword now, but the stem still remains in the centre of the plant. Should we remove this, leave it or what? Will it grow back next year?

Can anyone help please?

Subject: RE: Flaming Sword
From: Will Creed
Date: 11-Nov-02 08:58 PM EST

Vriesea splendens is in the bromeliad family. It flowers just once and then the plant itself gradually begins to die. However, as it does, it produces a new plant at its base, called an offset. The offset will grow into a larger plant and can be either left as is or severed from the "mother" plant when it is about one-third the size of the mother. In the right conditions, the new plant will reach blooming size in 2 to 4 years.

Please let me know if this is unclear or if you have any additional questions. Will Creed, Horticulturist Horticultural Help, NYC Email: P.S. You may be interested in my website at

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