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Subject: A small waterfall
From: durte4 (
Zone: 3
Date: 06-Nov-02 10:48 AM EST

Good day to all. I would like to build a small granite waterfall in a new perennial bed. Getting the material to build it isn't a problen but i am unsure how to constuct it. The waterfall will be about 3 feet high and can slope up to 8 feet out. Width isn't a problem. Any help from liners to pumps to construction techniques would be greatly appreciated. Thanx.

Subject: RE: A small waterfall
From: Dana (
Zone: 7
Date: 14-Nov-02 01:47 AM EST

Hi I am with Merlin's Watergardens and I amy be of some help to you. I would need to know more of what you are doing but I would suggest using an EPDM rubber liner and create steps. Lay the lineer in place your granite and use a spray foam isulation to fill the gaps behind and under the rocks. then use various other stones and pebbles to cover over any foam which you have not trimmed off after it has expanded and dried. That is only the basics of the process. If you need more assistance let me know.

Subject: RE: A small waterfall
From: DAVE
Date: 15-Nov-02 07:50 AM EST

Having had a waterfall for three years, may I suggest. 1.Get the thickest liner you can. Once everything is in place you don't want to have to rip it apart to replace because of leaks. 2. Hide all of the liner from the sun, it should last 20 years if it's protected from ultra-violet rays. 3. I pump the water with a sump pump. It's relatively cheap, has great flow and if for any reason you run out of water, it automatically shuts off rather than burning out the motor of a pond pump. 4. When you're ready to do the foam insulation, do it all within hours of starting. The contents work best if they haven't had time to dry. 5. Because the foam expands after application, it's tough to get just the right amount, so too much is better than too little. The object is to block all flow of water except that which goes over the falls. Don't worry if you use to much foam in one place, as it is easy to cut the excess away with a knife and any that is not covered by rocks quickly discolours and is hidden from eyesight with green slime from the water. 6. I'd be very cautious in placing the granite stones on your liner with their very sharp edges potentially punching holes in the plastic. 7. I've found the toughest part is to hide the pump(bottom) and spout(top) while still making it look natural. Water usually doesn't just pop out of rock three feet above all the other surrounding land. To make this look natural you need to be creative. Read books about waterfalls to help your design. 8. Read books on stonescape. Stones have a natural grain to them and you need to align the stones so that they look as if they were naturally arranged along your waterfall. 9. And finally, think about the amount of noise you want to create. In a small backyard the falls can drown out conversation while in a large backyard, you can be more dramatic and splashier.

Subject: RE: A small waterfall
From: Carole M
Zone: 3b
Date: 17-Nov-02 11:01 PM EST

If you need some good reading on ponds, and links to ponds and other water features and suppliers, you can visit my non-commercial web-site at

Hope you find some help there

Subject: RE: A small waterfall
From: durtre4 (
Zone: 3
Date: 18-Nov-02 01:47 AM EST

Thanks for the advice guys. It is much appreciated.To Dana. I was thinking of building the main part of the waterfall with the granite and mortar. I would then lay in the liner and finish everything off. Is the foam better than using mortar. I have experience with the foam in the house and know it well but thought the mortar may look more natural. If anyone else checks in and knows a place i can find liners in Manitoba i would appreciate it. So far i know of the ones fron lee valley but that's it.

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