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Brenda03-Nov-02 11:26 PM EST 5a   
Sue04-Nov-02 08:47 AM EST 6a   
Brian in Essex, England, UK11-Nov-02 08:54 AM EST 8   

Subject: Composting pumpkin?
From: Brenda (
Zone: 5a
Date: 03-Nov-02 11:26 PM EST

I'm new at gardening so bear with me - is this a crazy idea or a good one? Rather than throwing my pumpkin in the garbage, I decided to cut it into small pieces and spread on my flower beds. (No seeds). Should I proceed or is this a bad idea?

Subject: RE: Composting pumpkin?
From: Sue (
Zone: 6a
Date: 04-Nov-02 08:47 AM EST

Hi Brenda: Yes you can put them in your garden, however they would probably do better in a compost container as they can use up nutrients when they are decomposing in the ground. Left over pumpkins, I put in the compost, seeds and all, and weed the survivors out when they start to grow in the ground next Spring and Summer. Happy Gardening....Sue

Subject: RE: Composting pumpkin?
From: Brian in Essex, England, UK
Zone: 8
Date: 11-Nov-02 08:54 AM EST

Hello Brenda. Yes, I too chopped up my pumpkin into small bits and put it in the composter. I find that the compost is so much richer if it has a few weeks/months to break down before use.

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