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sandy03-Nov-02 01:09 PM EST 3b   
Susan04-Nov-02 08:38 AM EST 6a   
Harlequin13-Nov-02 10:01 AM EST 5   

Subject: Christmas Cactus
From: sandy
Zone: 3b
Date: 03-Nov-02 01:09 PM EST

My Cactus is full of blooms but the stems are very limp. I just watered it with miracle grow. It sits in a south facing window, was doing quite well I thought until this.

Subject: RE: Christmas Cactus
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 04-Nov-02 08:38 AM EST

If you type christmas cactus in the search box at the top, right side of the page, you'll find a number of articles in the 'documents' section that should be of interest to you in sorting out your problem. My guess is that you gave it too much water and fertilizer at the wrong time. It needs water when it is in bloom but don't overdo it. When it's not in bloom, water less.

Subject: RE: Christmas Cactus
From: Harlequin
Zone: 5
Date: 13-Nov-02 10:01 AM EST

Sandy; In the winter months the sun is not nearly as intense as in the spring and summer so plants require less water to sustain themselves.

Granting the plant when blooming does take in more to sustain the bloom, it still is not growing at the rate it does in the summer.

Christmas Cactus is similar in habit than other plants in that it should be allowed to go almost dry before watering and then water only until drainage is seen in the saucer under it, then the drainage is emptied. Don't allow your plant to sit in water which can set up rot in the roots and cause your plant to do just what its doing.

I suggest you not fertilize the plant until it is actively growing. Feeding C.C. will speed up bloom and thus speeds up time of bloom. Hopefully, a re-blooming period will come in the next couple of months.

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