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Questions about Chrysanthemums

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Heather26-Oct-02 07:52 AM EST 5a   
Susan26-Oct-02 08:53 AM EST 6a   
Nancy04-Nov-02 07:41 PM EST 5b   
Harlequin11-Nov-02 08:18 PM EST   

Subject: Questions about Chrysanthemums
From: Heather
Zone: 5a
Date: 26-Oct-02 07:52 AM EST

I am a student doing a project on Chrysanthemums that are hardy in a 5a USDA zone. Our instructor has asked that we obtain all of our information first hand from experts in the field and gardeners instead of from books, so I was wondering if you may know of someone that I could contact regarding species information and also information regarding propagation, breeding and usage of this genus? I have found quite a bit of information on the less hardy mums, but as of yet haven't had much luck finding any growers or gardeners that specialize in the hardier mums.

Subject: RE: Questions about Chrysanthemums
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 26-Oct-02 08:53 AM EST

Have you tried contacting the Canadian Chrysanthemum & Dahlia Society? You can find their contact information at :

For some unknown reason, the link to their web site doesn't seem to be working well this morning...

Let us know what you find out about sources of hardy mums!

Subject: RE: Questions about Chrysanthemums
From: Nancy
Zone: 5b
Date: 04-Nov-02 07:41 PM EST

Try Go to perennials or other sources here. There are plenty of experts in most fields on this site.

Subject: RE: Questions about Chrysanthemums
From: Harlequin
Date: 11-Nov-02 08:18 PM EST

Heather, without going into detail at this time, may I just point out that the word "chrysanthemum" deals with more than one plant.

For instance, shasta daisy is a mum. The vast family of daisies known to botanists as Compositae are mums.

In the stores in early fall, they sell what have been developed in greenhouses and are put into the stores for sale as florist's varieties and do not overwinter well.

Then there are types that can over-winter very well but are a different hybrid.

What you are taking on can be quite a learning experience.

Many of your local nurseries might have guides on chrysanthemum or they might give you the names an addresses of many experts on the subject.

Here are some I have in or around zone 5. Four Seasons Nursery East Oakland Avenue Bloomington, Illinois 61701 Free catalogue

Kelly Nurseries Dansville, NY 14437

Klehm Nursery South Barrington, Illinois 60010

Milaeger's Gardens Racine, Wisc 99202

Surry Gardens Box 145 Surry, Maine 04684

Van Engelen Inc Litchfield, Conn. 06759

White Flower Farm Litchfield, Conn.

I've tried to stay north but there are others across America.

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