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propagating golden currant

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Kay24-Oct-02 12:17 AM EST 2b   
Brian24-Oct-02 01:11 AM EST 3   
Kay24-Oct-02 03:09 PM EST 2b   

Subject: propagating golden currant
From: Kay
Zone: 2b
Date: 24-Oct-02 12:17 AM EST

I would like to know if one can propagate a golden currant with a cutting? I have one and I know you can layer it but I want to send one to someone by mail.

Subject: RE: propagating golden currant
From: Brian
Zone: 3
Date: 24-Oct-02 01:11 AM EST

Yes, cuttings will work. Cut a piece of the brnach that is last years growt, not this years, if the buds haven't full formed, wait untill they have done so. The closer to Spring, the better, but do it before the buds begin to start breaking. A good time is February. A cutting of 6" with a few buds set into potting mix and the bottom that goes into the mix has been coated with rooting hormone. Keeping the mix mist, not wet, and a temperature of 70 to 80 F, the cutting should sprout roots, about 1 inch left above the mix should leaf out. Once the roots have well formed & the leaves are fully developed, then, warm weather planting can be done. Another and easier way is to grow new plantd from seed extracted from the berries. It is easier and a larger number can be propagated easier than cuttings. Either way works, you decide which one works best for you.

Subject: RE: propagating golden currant
From: Kay
Zone: 2b
Date: 24-Oct-02 03:09 PM EST

Thank you, Brian. I will try that. Last year our golden currant did not have any berries. It was a cool late spring and maybe the pollinators were not there. The schubert chokecherries were also bare. But if the golden currants set fruit each one usually has its' little resident white larva. I wonder how I can prevent this and get a crop of fruit? They are so delicious, nice big black currants.

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