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xmas trees to plant

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Carol09-Oct-02 02:05 AM EST 5a   
Susan10-Oct-02 09:15 AM EST 6a   
Ed13-Oct-02 09:31 PM EST 5a   

Subject: xmas trees to plant
From: Carol
Zone: 5a
Date: 09-Oct-02 02:05 AM EST

I read last year (in the Etobicoke guardian) that you can get a xmas tree in a pot and after you finish using it as a xmas tree, you leave it outdoors, and in the spring you can plant it in your garden. I thought it sounded like a great idea, but does anyone know where you can get these xmas trees?

Subject: RE: xmas trees to plant
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 10-Oct-02 09:15 AM EST

In December, you see potted trees in lots of places - I saw them at Ikea last year! However, often they are spruce trees, which don't make as good Christmas trees as fir or pine (don't smell as nice and have very vicious needles!) I have my doubts about how successful they would be re planting in the garden. The first problem would be keeping them alive in making the transition from heated indoor temperatures to cold January temperatures. You'd have to do some sort of hardening off process I'd think before moving them outside. I suppose you could try to keep them indoors all winter which could be inconvenient if it is any size (although the ones I've seen are usually only about 3 feet tall or so - which means they wouldn't make particulaly showy christmas trees!) If you did move them outdoors in the winter, you'd also have to be careful about freezing the roots in the pot. Perhaps if you prepared a hole before the ground froze, you could put the hardened off tree, pot and all, in the hole and mulch it to try to protect it until the spring when you could plant it properly (if it was still alive...) So it may be possible to do it but I'd think there'd be a fairly high risk of failure. It's an attractive idea but I wonder if it would really be worth it other than for novelty and just to be able to say you did it!

Subject: RE: xmas trees to plant
From: Ed
Zone: 5a
Date: 13-Oct-02 09:31 PM EST

I totally agree with Susan's excellent response. I'm sure their survival prospect is not guaranteed as few are likely to endure this ordeal without giving the trees far more attention than the exercise is worth. As long as a demand exists, one can't really blame enterprising merchants for making them avaiable. As with any merchandise, it's up to prospective customers to ask pertinent questions, evaluate suitability before deciding and as always,: let the buyer beware. Instead of serving as Christmas trees, such merchandise could be used as quick, temporary landscaping at homes in new subdivisions; with or without lights, a vast improvement over no exterior plantings of any kind.

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