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Aaron29-Sep-02 10:43 PM EST 7   
Susan30-Sep-02 04:20 PM EST   

Subject: hazelnut pollinators
From: Aaron
Zone: 7
Date: 29-Sep-02 10:43 PM EST

Can anyone tell me or direct me to a website that would have a good pollinator chart for hazelnuts? I'm trying to find out if a Harry Lauder's Walking Stick can be used as a pollinator for a Royale.

Subject: RE: hazelnut pollinators
From: Susan
Date: 30-Sep-02 04:20 PM EST

Assuming your hazelnut is a cultivar of Corylus avellana (European hazel or filbert - the most common thing to grow I think), I don't see why there would be a problem using Harry Lauder's Walking Stick as a pollinator. They're the same genus and species. I don't know of any chart ranking cultivars by their effectiveness as a pollinator. Pollination of hazels is wind driven so the important thing would be that the two trees are close enough for the pollen to be blown onto the Rotale one.

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