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tomatoes not ripening

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Nancy25-Sep-02 02:40 AM EST 5b   
DAVE25-Sep-02 02:42 PM EST   
Dave S26-Sep-02 04:46 PM EST 5a   
Ann30-Sep-02 02:44 AM EST 3a   
doreen( 10:29 PM EST   
sandy06-Oct-02 01:30 PM EST 3b   
Neil15-Oct-02 01:11 PM EST 4   
Brian21-Oct-02 10:59 PM EST 3   
26-Oct-02 07:51 PM EST   

Subject: tomatoes not ripening
From: Nancy
Zone: 5b
Date: 25-Sep-02 02:40 AM EST

My tomatoes have produced very large tomatoes but most are still green. A few have turned a yellowish green and one has pink. Will they make it before first frost?

Subject: RE: tomatoes not ripening
From: DAVE
Date: 25-Sep-02 02:42 PM EST

My understanding is that each variety takes a certain time to ripen. Usually when you buy the seeds and/or plants they indicate on the seed packet/container how many days the plant will take to ripen ie: 90 days. It appears your plants were either planted late in the season or require a longer growing period than your location provides as they appear to be just starting to ripen(one is pink). Usually you can extend the growing season by starting the seeds early indoors, provide protection against early frost or by bringing the green fruit inside before a frost and then letting it ripen in a cool, low light location.

Subject: RE: tomatoes not ripening
From: Dave S
Zone: 5a
Date: 26-Sep-02 04:46 PM EST

I think it is too late for this season, but you can try this next year.Epson salts that you use for a bath will apparently help tomatoes ripen sooner. I am guessing it is the magnesium in the epson salts that your tomatoes may be lacking.I have used epson salts on my orchids ( one tablespoon per gal. of water)with no plant damage.Water in just like you would with fertilizer. Try it on one plant next year and see if there is any difference in ripening time.This was recomended on CBC radio by a master gardener. There are varieties that rippen sooner. Try " Early Girl" I have had ripe tomatoes for about the last 2 months in Guelph Ontario.

Subject: RE: tomatoes not ripening
From: Ann
Zone: 3a
Date: 30-Sep-02 02:44 AM EST

I purposely plant some tomato plants late so they don't ripen outside. When frost is close (like tonight) I pull the plant and hang it upside down in my basement and have ripening tomatoes right up to Christmas.

Subject: RE: tomatoes not ripening
From: doreen(
Date: 01-Oct-02 10:29 PM EST

One year we planted tomatoes too late for the growing season. When it became evident that the frost would arrive before the tomatoes were ripe, we picked them all off of the vines, put them in a single layer, in cardboard boxes, covered them with newspaper and stored them in the basement, which was a bit cooler then the rest of the house. As each tomato ripened we took it out of the box. We had lots of lovely tomatoes late into the fall that year.

Subject: RE: tomatoes not ripening
From: sandy
Zone: 3b
Date: 06-Oct-02 01:30 PM EST

The tomatoes grew very large this year, but while they are ripening they are rotting. Some have small white spots on them and others a rusty colored mass on the bottoms. This is not blossom end rot. They were laying on the ground during all the rain we had, so I am wondering if the cold temperatures we had at that time were to blame.

Subject: RE: tomatoes not ripening
From: Neil
Zone: 4
Date: 15-Oct-02 01:11 PM EST

With the dry season this year, everything seems late maturing. either pull out the whole plant and hang OR pick the tomatoes and store them away. Be sure to look at them daily. Should commence ripening as the weeks go by.

Subject: RE: tomatoes not ripening
From: Brian
Zone: 3
Date: 21-Oct-02 10:59 PM EST

If you can't wait for them to vine ripen, then a method of ripening them after picking is to place an old apple in with the tomatoes. The apple works best when it isbeginnig to be overripe. The Apple gives off a gas that causes other fruit including Bananas to ripen.

Subject: RE: tomatoes not ripening
Date: 26-Oct-02 07:51 PM EST

Fried green tomatoes...mmmmmmgood.

Just remove the fruit from the vine, put them into a dark cool dry place for a week or so and they'll turn red.

If not, they taste fine green also.

Next time, try the epsom salts method.

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