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Laura Miron22-Sep-02 01:43 AM EST 8a   
Jill15-Oct-02 05:53 PM EST 8   

Subject: Weevils
From: Laura Miron (
Zone: 8a
Date: 22-Sep-02 01:43 AM EST

So many questions! I have black 1-1 1/2" long beetle/weevils? in my grass just under the sod layer. I started to notice them as I was placing my shrubs around the yard trying to decide where they should go, when I pick up the pot, there are two or three huddled under the pot. Also when I start to pull up the sod, they quickly scatter and dig into the soil. They have black lengthwise striped backs and 6 legs. In one of my gardening books, it looks like they may be a weevil and they attack azaleas, rhododendrons, etc which is what I am planting. I hate to spray anything cause I don't want to kill the beneficial insects, birds etc. I haven't noticed any climbing onto my newly planted shrubs yet. Do I need to be concerned about them and if so how do I get rid of them?

Subject: RE: Weevils
From: Jill
Zone: 8
Date: 15-Oct-02 05:53 PM EST

Hi Laura. Your beetles are NOT weevils, they're a good beneficial bug. The horrid weevils are 1/2 inch max, a dark grey-brown colour. If you have them, you'll notice small notched holes along the leaf edges of your rhodos. The grubs are very small white-ish things, with dark heads, and an inclination to curl up in a "C" shape when disturbed (and disturbed they might be for all the havoc they wreak on our plants!). Nasty, nasty critters - read other articles on this site on biological controls. Cheers, Jill

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