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Baby's first haircut

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Squid21-Sep-02 09:38 AM EST 9a   

Subject: Baby's first haircut
From: Squid
Zone: 9a
Date: 21-Sep-02 09:38 AM EST

Hi from the subtropics... I've got a 18-month-old lychee tree and a longan tree of similar age that are happy as a clams but are ready for first trims. The lychee hasn't flowered yet, and I believe season for fruiting in these parts (South Florida) is Dec. but I'm fairly novice. I'm looking for some suggestions on how much to prune and where - on the first-go 'round. I've heard about creating some light in the center of the tree, but am squeemish about cutting some very happy and healthy central branches. What do I look for in a first cut? Is 25 percent off the max?

I'm actually in zone 10b but the available scale on this form only goes up to 9B (??)

Thanks a lot!

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