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Overwinter Begonias??

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leh19-Sep-02 11:38 AM EST 2b   
Ed20-Sep-02 09:40 AM EST 5a   
Rocks20-Sep-02 10:49 PM EST 6b   
Em20-Sep-02 11:27 PM EST 1b   
carolincalgary21-Sep-02 10:14 AM EST 2b   
Em21-Sep-02 10:47 PM EST   
Ann27-Sep-02 08:07 PM EST 4b   
Rocks02-Oct-02 11:58 AM EST 6b   

Subject: Overwinter Begonias??
From: leh
Zone: 2b
Date: 19-Sep-02 11:38 AM EST

Has anyone overwintered begonias? If yes, what was your method? We're talking around Edmonton if that makes a difference. Thanks for the help.

Subject: RE: Overwinter Begonias??
From: Ed
Zone: 5a
Date: 20-Sep-02 09:40 AM EST

End of season is also usually end of fibrous rooted begonias. Tuberous, not necessarily so. Before, or soon after frost has ended their season, but before the tubers are damaged by frost, remove them from the soil, clean and store in a cool, frost free, damp if possible, location. Older houses with earthen floors provided ideal conditions, as did pits for storing veggies.

Subject: RE: Overwinter Begonias??
From: Rocks
Zone: 6b
Date: 20-Sep-02 10:49 PM EST

I've tried to save the tubers the last couple of years with no luck. I'm doing something wrong as they dry up completely. I've been cutting off the tuber from the plant after the frost gets it, and storing it in a box of wood shavings in the fruit cellar. No go.

This year, I'm going to try it the way I saw it done on Calling All Gardeners. They said to take the plant out of the pot, clean off the dirt, and let the plant die down naturally....the tuber takes up nutrients from the plant for next year.(makes sense) After the plant has died down, the tuber is cleaned and stored in a box lined with newspaper and filled with slightly moist peat moss. I can't remember where they said to store the box tho. I think I'll try the floor of the basement in the coolest spot I have, as I think my fruit cellar gets too cold. Does anyone who has had success storing them agree with me or disagree? I'd appreciate any suggestions. I'd love to have them for next year. Thanks

Subject: RE: Overwinter Begonias??
From: Em
Zone: 1b
Date: 20-Sep-02 11:27 PM EST

You can keep fibrous begonias if you wish, by either taking a slip or bringing in the whole plant. I did that last winter. The plant was pretty trouble free and really outdid itself outside this summer. Rocks, your method for tuberous begonias sounds right on to me. I keep mine in the cold room, but it doesn't get really cold. The problem for me is that when my begonias are at their absolute best (like right now) I have to let them die.

Subject: RE: Overwinter Begonias??
From: carolincalgary
Zone: 2b
Date: 21-Sep-02 10:14 AM EST

Em why dont you just pot up those begonias make sure they have no bugs and bring them in the house.At least you would have them in flower for a few weeks. I have done this a couple of times,

Subject: RE: Overwinter Begonias??
From: Em
Date: 21-Sep-02 10:47 PM EST

Carolin, I have in the past brought in some begonias, but right now my sunroom is bursting at the seams from all the plants I've brought in. I think I have to face reality. It is 2C with a full moon and clear skies at 10pm, so I think it'll be a miracle if it doesn't freeze tonight!

Subject: RE: Overwinter Begonias??
From: Ann
Zone: 4b
Date: 27-Sep-02 08:07 PM EST

I have been saving the same Tuberous begonias for years but I let the frost kill them first, perhaps that makes them dormant. I bring them in and let them dry out to make sure all soil is off them. Store in paper bags filled with DRY peat moss or shavings in a cool location. Check in February to make sure they are not sprouting.

Subject: RE: Overwinter Begonias??
From: Rocks
Zone: 6b
Date: 02-Oct-02 11:58 AM EST

Got some great advice. Thanks all :-) Ann, I like your tip on putting them in paper bags, and I'll take your advice about the dry peat moss. In previous years I'd lumped them in a box with glads and dahlias hoping to save space... maybe that was part of the problem. Thanks for all the help!

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