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Tomatoes ripe?

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Vic22-Aug-02 02:06 PM EST 2b   
Budding Poet22-Aug-02 11:59 PM EST 5a   

Subject: Tomatoes ripe?
From: Vic
Zone: 2b
Date: 22-Aug-02 02:06 PM EST

My 28 tomato plants are producing ripe tomatoes very gradually. We would like to can some but do not know when the tomatoes are really ripe enough to pick and can. They eventually become very red but are quite firm. Maybe that is normal. What is correct? Is it possible to refridgerate them until there are enough of them for a canning recipe? We have 9 varieties including Roma, and Oxheart, and a new Stokes sweet hybrid. Thanks

Subject: RE: Tomatoes ripe?
From: Budding Poet (
Zone: 5a
Date: 22-Aug-02 11:59 PM EST


Don’t refrigerate them. They will lose flavor. It is better to store them at room temperature. To accelerate the ripening so that you have a full batch to can, pick and then store the ripe and semi-ripe tomatoes together in a large container for a few days. The ethylene gas given off by the ripening tomatoes should ripen most of them nicely if they have not been nipped by frost in your Zn2b garden. You can then can what you can and eat what you can’t

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