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Dee19-Aug-02 11:25 AM EST 3   
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Subject: Clematis planting depth
From: Dee
Zone: 3
Date: 19-Aug-02 11:25 AM EST

Does anyone know why clematis are supposed to be buried deeper than what they are in the container? Is it only for hybrids or does that include the species clematis as well? Thanks

Subject: RE: Clematis planting depth
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 19-Aug-02 04:27 PM EST

My understanding is that they are planted deep for several reasons: - provides additional winter protection of the roots; - encourages growth of more stems from the base to make a fuller plant faster; - provides some protection from breakage of the stems which are fairly brittle.

As far as I know, it benefits all types of clematis to be planted deep.

Subject: RE: Clematis planting depth
From: Budding Poet (
Zone: 5a
Date: 19-Aug-02 04:37 PM EST


Planting an extra three inches deeper ensures that if marauding rodents, an errant hoe or wilt strikes, your beloved clematis will have a better chance to rejuvenate from the base.

I had several species clematis pruned by rodents last year that bounced back and flowered this year.

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