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Olivia Morris11-Aug-02 11:39 PM EST 6   
Susan12-Aug-02 07:44 AM EST 6a   
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Subject: Propagation techniques for oak leaf hydrangea
From: Olivia Morris
Zone: 6
Date: 11-Aug-02 11:39 PM EST

I have received a cutting of an oak leaf hydrangea from a neighbour. I removed the lower leaves and sprinkled the stem with rooting hormone. I have dug a hole and amended the soil, added the stem and watered it well. Should I dome the cutting in order to keep the humidity high until this roots? Or is there any hope that it will root? I like the look of this bush, but can't afford the prices to buy my own, I hope this will work. Any and all advice will be welcome.

Subject: RE: Propagation techniques for oak leaf hydrangea
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 12-Aug-02 07:44 AM EST

There is quite a bit of information on propagating hydrangeas (including oakleaf ones) on the Internet. It sounds like you put the cutting in the ground (?); rooting most cuttings of any shrub is best done in something like perlite, vermiculite or sand. The following information on rooting hydrangeas is from

PROPAGATION: From April to August, cuttings of hydrangeas may be taken. The cuttings should be made from the ends of non-flowering shoots. Each shoot should have two or three pairs of leaves. Remove the bottom pair of leaves and cut the stem just below a joint. Insert them in well-packed sand in a greenhouse propagating case or in a cold frame that is kept closed until they form roots. Shade them from bright light and spritz with water on sunny days. Once they've formed roots, a little air should be allowed into the frame or glass case. A few days after, the little plants can be potted individually in small containers filled with equal parts of peat, leaf mold, sandy, lime-free loam and coarse grit.

...since most of us don't have 'propagating cases' or greenhouse, putting the cutting in a pot inside a plastic bag usually works as a substitute....

Subject: RE: Propagation techniques for oak leaf hydrangea
From: crocus
Date: 12-Aug-02 10:04 PM EST

Olivia.Ask your neighbour to layer the Hydrangea for you,you will have better results if you don't have the propagating case or greenhouse,which Susan mentioned already.

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