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Lorne16-Jul-02 11:18 PM EST
Ann17-Jul-02 07:16 PM EST   
Julie18-Jul-02 09:02 AM EST 5b   
Tom Dawson18-Jul-02 03:08 PM EST 3a   
Roberta18-Jul-02 03:45 PM EST 5b   
Susan18-Jul-02 04:56 PM EST 6a   
Maureen McIlwain28-Aug-05 07:17 AM EST 5b   
Patricia28-Aug-05 07:43 PM EST 5   
Valerie31-Aug-05 12:16 PM EST 3   

Subject: Travelling Down East
From: Lorne
Date: 16-Jul-02 11:18 PM EST

I am going to be driving from Ottawa to Halifax later this summer. I am hoping to visit various public gardens in the Eastern Townships, N.B. and N.S. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for inns or B&B's that have particularly nice gardens. I have found that B&B books don't tend to describe the gardens of the properties very well. Any suggestions?

Subject: RE: Travelling Down East
From: Ann
Date: 17-Jul-02 07:16 PM EST

Try the internet. BBCanada is a good site. Lots of pictures and descriptions of the house and gardens.

Subject: RE: Travelling Down East
From: Julie
Zone: 5b
Date: 18-Jul-02 09:02 AM EST

Not sure about gardens at B&B's - but two gardens you should be sure to include on your trip are - one public garden in Annapolis Royal (not sure of the name of it, but heard it is beautiful, and AR is not a very big place) and the Public Gardens in Halifax. Have a good trip!

Subject: RE: Travelling Down East
From: Tom Dawson
Zone: 3a
Date: 18-Jul-02 03:08 PM EST

I agree with Julie, the Public Gardens in Halifax are well worth the time ... don't forget to buy some treats for the birds - it's a riot sitting and feeding them.

Also, if you go to the "public garden" section of ICanGarden - and put in Nova Scotia for the province, you will see quite a number of great public gardens to visit

enjoy the maritimes - they're wonderful almost anytime of the year!

Subject: RE: Travelling Down East
From: Roberta
Zone: 5b
Date: 18-Jul-02 03:45 PM EST

Agree with choices. The Public Gardens in Halifax is one of the oldest public gardens in the country. The rhodos are higher than houses! I work across the street from it, so am forutnate enough to be able to eat my lunch there just about every day. But you can't feed the birds any more ... they were beginning not to migrate, so they stopped that this year. Hope you enjoy the gardens as much as I do ... daily!

Subject: RE: Travelling Down East
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 18-Jul-02 04:56 PM EST

As an ex-New Brunswicker, I can't let NS hog all the garden glory! Try Kingsbrae in St. Andrews and also the Roosevelt estate gardens on Campobello Island, not too far away. And then there's Grand Manan and Deer Island for quaint looks and whale watching. The Algonquin Hotel in St. Andrews is a classic old high-class hotel with a highly rated golf course (if there are any golfers in the family...) You could take a route that takes you down through Fredericton (beautiful small city) to Saint John (oldest incorporated city in Canada), dally in St. Andrews/St. George/St. Stephen area on the coast for a day or two of garden and island visits, then go back to Saint John and take the ferry to Digby, NS, tour the Anapolis Valley and then finish up in Halifax (or continue on to Cape Breton.)

The Maritimes are a very unique part of Canada. Eastern Ontario has some of the same 'look' (lots of rocky fields...) but it's very different than southern Ontario or points west... July is the best time to visit - Saint John (where I'm from) in particular can be foggy and cool because of the cold Bay of Fundy, but July is usually moderate.

Subject: RE: Travelling Down East
From: Maureen McIlwain (
Zone: 5b
Date: 28-Aug-05 07:17 AM EST

HI Lorne -- if you haven't already left, there are numerous B&Bs in St Andrews with lovely gardens - Tatterscot [overlooking the harbour], Garden Gate, Pansy Patch [not strictly a B&B; more of a small inn].. and more. Please don't miss Kingsbrae Garden [St Andrews] on your tour -- 27 acres of joy! The town is a gem, too -- a listed National Historic Site, and well worth the trip!

Enjoy -- the maritimes are full of wonderful gardens, and great people.

Subject: RE: Travelling Down East
From: Patricia (
Zone: 5
Date: 28-Aug-05 07:43 PM EST

I hope that you will go and see the Reford Gardens, located in Grand-M├ętis, Quebec, on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River, 350 kilometres (220 miles) east of Quebec City, equidistant between Rimouski and Matane. This is a "world class" garden (hate that expression, but it fits!) If you want to know more, just Google the words Reford Gardens. Don't miss this - absolutely fantastic!

Subject: RE: Travelling Down East
From: Valerie
Zone: 3
Date: 31-Aug-05 12:16 PM EST

Don't miss the Montreal Botanical Gardens either.

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