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Joy16-Jul-02 10:34 PM EST 3a   
alnoro17-Jul-02 12:24 AM EST 8   
Doug25-Jul-02 01:32 AM EST 3a   
Susan25-Jul-02 07:34 AM EST 6a   

Subject: Landscape design computer software
From: Joy
Zone: 3a
Date: 16-Jul-02 10:34 PM EST

Who has tried landscape design software programs? I'm particulary interested in programs available in Alberta.

Subject: RE: Landscape design computer software
From: alnoro (
Zone: 8
Date: 17-Jul-02 12:24 AM EST

I am an amateur with my pc but I have tried 2 landscape design software programs.The first one is just called Imagine your Landscape (on the cd) it is compatible with windows 95&98 the web site for this program is Personally found this program too advanced and difficult for me but...It might just be what you are looking for. The graphics are great and you can look at the design at your chosen angle. The other one I have is the one I use. It is much less intricately involved but, serves my purpose just fine and it has a good encyclopedia with it for quick reference. It is called "Burpee 3D garden designer/Heat zone addition.This is also at the above web site. Hope I helped a bit. I live in B.C. but would assume you could get the programs in Alta.

Subject: RE: Landscape design computer software
From: Doug
Zone: 3a
Date: 25-Jul-02 01:32 AM EST

I have worked with two programs that were available retail.. Landscape 3D and Landscape Architect. Both seemed to be to rigid in the way plants and materials were handled. They could only be placed in at one size and had no texture to the plant images at all.. to geometric. I am a professional Landscaper and have worked with AutoCad so maybe my opinions are a little biased but to me AutoCad (once understood) worked so much easier for me than the other two aformentioned.

Subject: RE: Landscape design computer software
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 25-Jul-02 07:34 AM EST

Doug - I have had the same experience with those programs - don't like them...(although the 3-D Home Architect softwre for house design works pretty well...) I've been curious about the AutoCad software - it sounds much more useful - how expensive is it? Where do you get it? What system does it need to run on?

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