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Amy08-Jul-02 03:58 PM EST 5   
Mike09-Jul-02 12:21 PM EST 5b   
alnoro11-Jul-02 02:05 AM EST 8   
Paula11-Jul-02 08:25 AM EST 2b   
Julie C.11-Jul-02 10:43 AM EST   
JoanneS12-Jul-02 05:04 PM EST 3a   
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Subject: What repels raccoons?
From: Amy
Zone: 5
Date: 08-Jul-02 03:58 PM EST

I have very cute young raccoons coming around & eating my birdseed, which I don't mind at all - but I don't want them getting into my vegetable garden! However, I don't want to hurt them - any ideas?

Subject: RE: What repels raccoons?
From: Mike
Zone: 5b
Date: 09-Jul-02 12:21 PM EST

There is a product I used that is called Ropel. It is a liquid that you can spray on the bird seed, it has a bitter taste and generally raccoons do not like it. The birds will not be affected. Ropel should be available at your local Garden Centre.

Subject: RE: What repels raccoons?
From: alnoro (
Zone: 8
Date: 11-Jul-02 02:05 AM EST

a 303!!! If you aim right it won't hurt them a bit!!LOL

Subject: RE: What repels raccoons?
From: Paula (
Zone: 2b
Date: 11-Jul-02 08:25 AM EST

Cayenne or red pepper.

Subject: RE: What repels raccoons?
From: Julie C.
Date: 11-Jul-02 10:43 AM EST

Please do not use the pepper suggestion. I have heard it gets in animals eyes and hurts like hell! Stories have circulated about animals scratching their eyes out because of the pain. It is a very nasty remedy!

Subject: RE: What repels raccoons?
From: JoanneS (
Zone: 3a
Date: 12-Jul-02 05:04 PM EST

Check out Information on a motion-activated sprinkler. I bought mine at Lee Valley Tools in Edmonton. Works like a charm to keep cats from under my bird feeders.

Subject: RE: What repels raccoons?
From: Ducky
Zone: 4a
Date: 22-Jul-02 08:48 AM EST

I have found that if they have food, they don't really go other places. i use to have problems with opposums getting into my garage to eat the dog and cat food and when i kept the bird feeders full, they never went to look for more food. i have read that hanging chirstmas lights, the blinking kind, will keep them out of your garden. also, you can lay crumbled newspaper on the ground between the rows. Good Luck. you are lucky to be able to see these beauties! also...there is a great book out that helps with all garden problems. "Backyard Problem Solver" by Jerry Baker. it has tons of solutions to a lot of different problems, including other critters!

Subject: RE: What repels raccoons?
From: Claire
Date: 01-Aug-02 02:56 AM EST

Our paper had an article saying amonia poured on cat litter interfered with their sense of smell - so if they can't smell food they won't come visiting.....

Subject: RE: What repels raccoons?
From: Shane
Zone: 3
Date: 01-Aug-02 07:09 PM EST

Try connecting a radio to a motion detector. Every time the racoon goes by the garden, the radio will start and hopefully scare it away.

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