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Sitting wheely-thingy

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Dee06-Jul-02 08:39 AM EST 5   
ana06-Jul-02 11:42 AM EST 6a   
Susan06-Jul-02 01:30 PM EST 6a   
Nancy06-Jul-02 01:35 PM EST 5b   
Jude07-Jul-02 12:46 AM EST 2a   
alnoro08-Jul-02 08:20 AM EST 8   
Julie C08-Jul-02 02:41 PM EST 5a   

Subject: Sitting wheely-thingy
From: Dee ( )
Zone: 5
Date: 06-Jul-02 08:39 AM EST

Not sure of the real name, but could someone let me know where to purchase one of the above!! It is a small bench affair on wheels. The sitting area is also the lid to storage for small garden tools, etc., and the whole thing is on wheels, so you can sit and weed, then just scootch along to the next spot you want to work on. I know I have seen them in magazines, but of course, now that I have decided I'd like one, I can't find information anywhere. They are not in the local Canadian Tire, Home Hardware or Home Depot stores. Thanks.

Subject: RE: Sitting wheely-thingy
From: ana (
Zone: 6a
Date: 06-Jul-02 11:42 AM EST

Dee I don't know where you live but.. I have seen these things at full service garden centres like Plant World. How about trying one of these stores.

Subject: RE: Sitting wheely-thingy
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 06-Jul-02 01:30 PM EST

I bought one of the Scoot 'n Do carts last year (I can't remember where I got it - I thought Dominion Seeds but it's not in their catalog now...) I don't like it! It has no steering, so, unless you are going in perfectly straight lines (which I rarely am...), you're constantly (and awkwardly) having to shift it to make it go where you want it to. I also find it's a bit uncomfortable to bend over to the garden fron the seat on the cart. My alternative is to sit on the ground to garden and I bought a pair of the waterproof overalls that you see people doing construction work on roads in the rain wearing! They allow me to sit on damp ground comfortably and I much prefer them to using the cart...

Subject: RE: Sitting wheely-thingy
From: Nancy
Zone: 5b
Date: 06-Jul-02 01:35 PM EST

I use a step stool and it works well until it plunges two inches into the ground and I need to move.

Subject: RE: Sitting wheely-thingy
From: Jude
Zone: 2a
Date: 07-Jul-02 12:46 AM EST

Lee Valley Tools & Garden

They have a website.

Subject: RE: Sitting wheely-thingy
From: alnoro (
Zone: 8
Date: 08-Jul-02 08:20 AM EST

I knew as soon as I read your excelent description, what you were talking about lol.I saw them last year and pondered on whether to get one or not. I went, like you looking everywhere this year and couldn't find one anywhere. I ended up buying a "Little Red Wagon" for $2 at a garage sale and it works wonders for taking all my stuff around. When I saw the "Wheely Thingy" I didn't think about the lack of steering and I hadn't planned on kneeling on it, since I have bad knees. I find it very difficult to work directly on the ground. I thought I would sit and bend forward on it,since most of my gardening is done in containers. I have been hauling(in my wagon for disatances) an old folding chair around. It seems to work quite well but I must admit those "Wheely Thingies" looked really great. Maybe I will rethink looking for one though. Sometimes what you wish for is not what you expect.

Subject: RE: Sitting wheely-thingy
From: Julie C
Zone: 5a
Date: 08-Jul-02 02:41 PM EST

I think what you are looking for is manufactured by Step2. Go to and look for both garden hopper and grass hopper. The site also has a place to type in your postal code and it will indicate where you might purchase it in your area. My search indicated Canadian Tire and Toys R Us.

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