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Keith05-Jul-02 02:02 AM EST

Subject: Greenhouses
From: Keith
Date: 05-Jul-02 02:02 AM EST

I have had pretty good success with a lot of different crops here in Yellowknife. The short growing season is intense with so much daylight. But I have a lot of things that grow and grow and seem to be just about ready to explode with production -- and then the first frost hits and we end up with lots of potential but nothing actually harvested.

So I'm trying zucchini and corn IN THE GREENHOUSE this summer. Might be stupid, but I figured it was worth a try.

I have been told that zucchini can be done inside, and the you can build netting to support the climbers and fruit. I have been advised that you have to cluster the corn all together in order for it to germinate properly. I've set everything up according to the best info I can get. So far everything seems to be going okay.

Anyone have any observations or suggestions for me?

Thanks. Keith

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